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Headline News

If you're like me, you read just a fraction of the news stories that you used to read because the headlines themselves not only tell you all you need to know, they render you "stroke imminent!" Here's the latest example: … Continue reading

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Comments And Comebacks

Politics is a delicate subject involving the most indelicate people… I spent the last week looking over my political blogging of days past, and I decided to inflict these on you. They're my favorite comments and comebacks from back then… … Continue reading

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Needed: The Backbone Party

Listening to all the latest outrages, my wife went off on Democrats again yesterday. And I stopped her again. Because the Democrats aren't to blame for a single thing that's happening. Republicans and conservative are. They're responsible for all of … Continue reading

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Just Beat It

I come to bury Michael Jackson, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them, Two score and seven plus three years ago, a father brought forth upon this continent a new pedophile. So today… Let freedom … Continue reading

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BloggersBase Fails Again

My latest: Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Me And Were Afraid I'd Ask Last Summer! Read and post comments

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