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I’m Stunned – CNN Forces Filth To Watch Limbaugh

I'm watching the Fox broadcast of Rush Limbaugh's speech right now, and my wife asked, "Is this on C-SPAN?" So I checked and it wasn't. But as you see from the title – it's on CNN! Apparently they think that … Continue reading

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The Best Lectures The Worst

By RALPH PETERS President Obama went to Camp Lejeune. He spoke in front of US Marines… And his carefully worded speech… may go down in history as his "Mission Accomplished" moment. Consider his big sound bite: "Let me say this … Continue reading

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Simply The Best!

The Cal Ripken President Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Oklahoma, Where The Wind Comes Sweepin’ Down The Plain

Who would ever have thought that Oklahoma would be the State to show us a way out of looming socialism? We pick up the story from that mainstream media outlet, WorldNetDaily: The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution … Continue reading

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Why I Hate O’Reilly, Part II

I am sick to death of the parade of filth O'Reilly has on every night. Tonight's guest scumbag was The Other Guy from the old Hannity & The Other Guy. Although at the rate Hannity's going, it will soon be … Continue reading

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Perhaps The Best Paragraph You’ll Ever Read

"The Great Depression finally came to an end in the United States because millions of men were removed from the unemployment rolls and put to work smashing the means of production and reducing the labor pool on two foreign continents. … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Hannity

The reasons to hate Sean Hannity are as limitless as they are for O'Reilly, and amazingly, they're different! But here's one example that says it all: Hannity has a panel discussion everyday on his Fox show, and yesterday he had … Continue reading

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