Taranto’s Tarantella

In addition to being the most rational, logical, and analytical (not to mention funny) journalist writing today, The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto must be a very, very nice man. I say that for two reason: 1) he often responds to my emails, and B) he recently did a very, very nice thing – he greatly raised public awareness of WorldNetDaily’s campaign to force President Obama to produce an actual valid birth certificate by launching a specious attack on the site and its owner, Joseph Farah.

Now I am not the biggest fan of Farah & Co. myself because they routinely infuse their stories with highly questionable religious ideology such as “Does XYZ Signal the Coming of the Apocalypse,” and also because they employ Bill Press and Ellen Ratner who, if you don’t know, are two of the looniest of liberals around, which is to say, they’re typical liberals!

However, I have read several stories on WND regarding the site’s questions about Obama’s birth and how it might reflect on his eligibility to be President, and I found them to be cogent. More importantly, they did not say, as James claims they did, that Obama wasn’t born in America.

In essence, and I hope WND forgives me for any inaccuracies, what they want is real evidence of where and when Obama was born because it may be relevant in light of the fact that his father was a British subject and, if I’ve got it right, because his mother may not have been old enough to confer eligibility under laws in effect at the time. But to my knowledge, no conclusions have been drawn. Only questions have been asked.

And it’s Obama’s secrecy (where are his grades and his college papers for example?) that has allowed this controversy to fester. In fact, recent polls have indicated that it may even be growing.  The President has apparently even spent money and employed people to keep such things hidden. Why?

Contrary to what Mr. Taranto states, the Certificate of Live Birth is not the same as a birth certificate. Not even close. It’s like the difference between the standard required to be found guilty in criminal court as opposed the standard to be found liable in a civil court. The birth certificate is proof beyond a reasonable doubt. At it’s worst, the COLB may be merely the recording of a statement by an interested party. Mr. Taranto certainly knows this. He even recently took notice in his column of Hawaii’s Governor Abercrombie and another loony liberal (if you’ll pardon redundant alliteration), Chris Matthews, broaching the subject of an actual birth certificate.

So why attack WorldNetDaily? There’s simply no other reason why a man of Taranto’s stature and intelligence would do so other than to help increase public awareness of WND. And Farah is playing right along pretending to attack back. But did it kill Mr. T. to have to momentarily abandon journalistic principles in order to help his former coworker (Farah)? Well, someone is still claiming to be him in his three subsequent columns, so I sure don’t want to become known as a “deather.”

But I must add this, Mr. Taranto’s attempt to parody yellow journalism by saying that the New York Times was in danger of becoming the leftist counterpart of WorldNetDaily… well that’s actually green journalism – it made me nauseous! Not to mention that I, for one, recoiled in horror at the thought that the Times could rise that high, that fast!

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Who Shot The Sheriff?

Now don’t rush to conclusions, he shot his own mouth off!

Then I’d mention that “America’s Sheriff” has actually done us a great service. And no, I don’t mean by showing us just how idiotic liberals are on a routine basis. His name is Dupnik, and it’s apparently been left to me to point out how significant he will become if I have any say in it.

But first I want to digress and ask something that no one in the media can ask at this point: why was there no security at the Giffords event? And that leads to an even bigger question: Does GIffords bear some responsibility for the deaths and injuries?

It seems to me that one has to be very naive at best to assume a person in her position can appear at an announced public gathering and it won’t have the potential to attract crazies. And as I write, while she may have been the primary target, others, innocents paid a bigger price. Should Giffords have taken steps to minimize the possibility of violence toward herself – and others?

Now back to Sheriff Dupnik who epitomizes what we’ve come to expect of liberals: that they are wedded to an ideology and that facts, or the lack of them, play little or no part in their opinions and conclusions.

So then why is Sheriff Dupnik so much more important than the sum of his idiotic pronouncements? Take a moment to consider the Tucson Troublemaker’s name. Up until now, when a liberal did what the sheriff did, we’d simply label him what he is: a liberal. But that’s redundant, circuitous, and rather lacking in impact. At best people think, “Yeah so, what else is new?”

Now, when a person does what he did, he’s a “Dupnik, definition” dup-nik: one who has been duped by other people, circumstances, or his own fantasies, and who then blindly and tenaciously embraces them – one who cannot be reasoned with since, if he were able to employ logic in the beginning, he wouldn’t be the Dupnik he is!


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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The Observation Of The Day – Supposably

You're killin' me. I've made it my hobby to collect the many and varied misuse of words in the hope of writing something humorous about the murder of the English language. The trouble is that while I have way more example than I need, I always get angry when I start to write about them.

So maybe if I take it one at a time, and choose an example that is not one of my pet peeves (making two words out of what should be one, still simple, word)?

This is from a description for a free program called AllMyNotes Organizer under the heading: Limitations and listed as one of the features that are not available. It's the very first one so presumably the most important.

· Read-Only mode for selected Notes to protect sensible data from unwanted modification.

To restate, there's not a read-only mode to protect -sensible- data from unwanted modification!?

Whew! Then sensible data can be rendered to read like the rest of your note!

The word the writer might possibly have been seeking is "sensitive," but nowadays, I wouldn't dream of trying to impute meaning. In the "modern English" vernacular of so many Web writers. He may very well have felt that protecting sensible data was more important than protecting sensitive data.

Although considering that most people don't even know what "sensible" is anymore, the limitation might just be insignificant anyway.

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He Got It!

Several months ago I said the Judge Andrew Napolitano deserved his own show on Fox, and now he has it!

And the theme is exactly what I wanted it to be – freedom watch. Napolitano will be looking out for government abuse.

Now fair warning: Napolitano is a libertarian so he will be nutty at times a la John Stossel, but overall, he’s just what’s needed – Beck without the flamboyance.

So here’s the problem – Cox, aka  Can’t Suck Enough Cable, doesn’t offer the Fox Business Network (where Napolitano’s show will debut) on it’s basic cable even though I have demanded it.

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What An Amazing Arizona Spring! (Waaas!)

The following is a blatant attempt to lure you to Arizona and it has nothing to do with the illegals who are reportedly now fleeing the State. No, it’s all about the Benjamins – the one’s I may be missing because of property values having plummeted due to (apparently) legals fleeing the State!

It’s true that normally we wouldn’t want you here, and it remains true that in my heart, I sure don’t, but money talks and BS walks so for you, don’t walk, run, ride, or fly here at your earliest convenience and buy from the amazing selection of cheap properties in almost new condition since virtually all Arizona housing has been built after 1977.

And yes, the year is significant. When Elvis died, many people felt they had nothing left to live for and wanted to spend the remainder of their days where the UV Factor, on good days, was hazardous. Either that or they heard that Elvis had left the building and was alive and well in Fountain Hills, just a stone’s throw from Scottsdale and containing a real fountain as opposed to the one near me that appears for all intents in purposes to be a leak in the lake.

Anyway, even Mother Nature is cooperating. Normally our Spring is your Summer, at least temperature-wise, but in fact, the ideal temperature here from my own personal experience is 92. And for our Canadian friends whom we’re now especially welcoming here since your money is now more valuable, that’s not Celsius as has been rumored… or is that “rumoured,” I forget because you’re half British and half-assed!

The point is this… we are having the greatest Spring EVER. It hasn’t hit 110 once yet! In fact, I didn’t turn on my air conditioning until June 5th… oh all right, that’s 5 June for you backward half-asses (whom I love). And the air is not on today and I won’t have to turn it on again until at least Tuesday thanks to Global Cooling! And we harvested our first tomatoes in February because I was finally, after fifteen years, able to get the wife to plant them in October which IS planting season in the desert.

Yes you do have to protect the tender seedlings from the three or four frosts we get each year,but last “winter” was so nice that we never turned the heat on once! But OK, yes, we did use frost protection in bed several times.

So now we’re ten days from the longest day of the year and the beginning of your summer, and tomorrow’s high is predicted to be 90. Now remember, I said the ideal temperature here is 92, so I sure hope we can avoid dragging the blankets back out. It all has to do with the humidity. I venture to say that people in, say, Oklahoma City could run their dehumidifiers all day long and not get down to the humidity levels we’ve been seeing this year – like 8% (your individual humidity may vary depending on the number of showers you take)

What all this means is that our tomatoes are still producing. Normally the plants are mostly dead by the middle of June, but not this year. And none of the tomatoes have that funny late-season pollen smell that renders them still edible but nauseating – which is why we usually donate so many June tomatoes to the neighbors.

And you too can have it all at bargain prices now – a nice house, tomatoes, low humidity, Summer in Spring, Spring in Winter, and no illegal aliens to sap your tax dollars and fill Sheriff Joe’s tents if our new immigration law is upheld. Even the intense heat of summer can be uplifting and build character – because after experiencing it, you sure won’t want to find out what Hell is like.

So why wait? Your Summer with its humidity is going to be awful this year, or so I’ve been told, and you can’t really go to California anymore, so it’s Arizona Baby! Take off your rainbow shades and put on a lot of sun-block… you’ll be glad you did!

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By Request

Here's a video that a reader requested I post. How the person knew I had it before I posted it is a long and involved story that involves a loose end…

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