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Congruent Idiots? I report, You Decide

We now have an accurate percentage – 28% - a hard number if you will - very hard! Yes, 28% of the American people are absolute, complete, unadulterated 100%-pure, dyed in the idiot wool, abject MORONS (I could have sworn it was way higher)?!? But now exactly … Continue reading

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How Now Brown Plow?

There's hope – will America see it? The election of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey seemed to indicate that something was in the air, but the election of Scott Brown caused  the entire nation, including the stinking liberals … Continue reading

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Dave Weinbaum’s Fourteen Questions For Dear Leader

In my never ending quest to provide interesting content that I didn't have to write myself, I present fourteen questions by Dave Weinbaum… and one answer that strained me to the limit. Mr. President: • After promising no less than … Continue reading

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Would You Like Your Day Made?

Then read this -  it's not Ann Coulter, it's written by a filthy liberal – which explains the lack of eloquence… here's a teaser: Of course, I don't give a… about Barack Obama anymore, other than my desire that really ugly … Continue reading

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FYI On Liberal Bi

Even when you think you can't be amazed anymore by examples of liberal bias, along comes something like this… And yet it breaks down exactly as you would expect.   Graph Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Coak Croak Mimics Kennedy Bloke

It looks like the final poll was dead on, and how ironic that a Republican wins the monster Kennedy's seat. Scott Brown takes the state shaped like a gun and points it right at Bobo! Read and post comments | … Continue reading

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Coakley: The Congenital Idiot

Gaffes can tell us a lot about a person. I mean, we all make mistakes, and I've made some huge ones – like the time I bet a high school buddy that when Daylight Savings Time ends, you set your … Continue reading

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