Does Israel Have A Death Wish?

Here's what we know:

American Jews are virtually worthless when it comes to supporting Israel… they even overwhelmingly voted for the King of Pigs!

However, most Israelis also were in favor of electing our Messiah as well.

The Israeli military/intelligence/government has failed miserably in recent years to protect their country, and the magnificent Six Day War architects apparently didn't pass along the blueprints.

As a result, we have the Israeli Navy boarding hostile ships armed with paint guns, being attacked, beaten, and some seriously injured.

And ONLY nine of the enemy were killed in subsequent combat? And the ships were still afloat? But a South Korean ship with forty-six dead is at the bottom of the sea?

So Israel, already humiliated by such a display of weakness now has to endure the tirades, the bigotry, and the threats, and they didn't even get it the Smith Barney way, by earning it?

It's hard to continue to support Israel when you want more for the Jews than they appear to want for themselves. There was a time when they seemed to realize they were all alone and that they had to do whatever it took to survive – and in my book, that involves doing whatever it takes. In other words, whatever actions Israel decides to take is fine by me.

The trouble is that they aren't doing it. When the world hates Israel more than Iran and North Korea, you know there's something very wrong with the world… and maybe your neighbor.

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