Sowell: Let Them Decide

I was strangely calm over the Memorial Day weekend. What was strange about that is nothing had changed. I still felt that the entire world economy could collapse and we could find ourselves in a Road Warrior situation almost overnight (and I still hadn't bought the guns I've been planning to purchase). And even if the economy didn't disintegrate, I still felt that our own financial situation could collapse at any moment.

Yet I was far more calm than usual, and now I know why – I hadn't been reading the news… which I started doing again this morning. And the pressure in my head returned.

And when, a short time ago, I turned on the TV to see Cavuto open his show with a stinking liberal, things were completely normal again – "Get that pig off my screen, Scumnvuto, you effing F!" (OK, I didn't call him "Scumvuto," his name began with am F too)

See, just before I turned on Cavuto, I'd finished reading a column by Thomas Sowell which was a simple and brilliant defense of capitalism.

People, and by "people" I mean non-liberals, are hopefully coming to realize that every major problem we face is caused by liberal big government and liberal organizations like labor unions and environmental groups. For example, if you're looking for the cause of the BP disaster, it is first and foremost due to regulations and restrictions that forced BP to drill in 5000 feet of water instead of, say, 200 feet of water. You know, out of sight, out of mind? Well, now everyone's of out their minds as oil merrily continues to gush thanks to your friendly neighborhood liberal.

Now the truth is that BP may still have drilled where it did in the absence of all the government red tape, but we'll never know. Instead, those same stinking liberals are now wanting to prosecute "those responsible" for the disaster, and surprise, they're not talking about themselves.

It's not that capitalists don't cause problems, and serious ones, but it's self-regulating over time. Granted it may not regulate itself in suitably short order, so there is a need for government oversight. But now, everywhere you look, it's government oversight that's the problem – health care, stimulus, government jobs…

Here's how Thomas Sowell put it:

Commencement speakers express great reverence for "public service," as distinguished from narrow private "greed." There is usually not the slightest sign of embarrassment at this self-serving celebration of the kinds of careers they have chosen — over and above the careers of others who merely provide us with the food we eat, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear and the medical care that saves our health and our lives.

And those ""public service" people now make a lot more than the people who do the actual providing. Yet those leeches provide nothing… they simply take in one form or another from the productive people who make life better with actual products and services.

Sowell points out that more people have air conditioning today than had electricity at the dawn of the twentieth century. Well, that won't continue if liberals have their way!

When that idiot, Dox, was arguing for controls to stop "global warming," my reply was simple – if warming is shown to actually exist someday, it will be capitalist technology that solves the problem. That wasn't just a blind and reflexive defense of capitalism, it was fact. Because no controls being proposed will even dent the amount of supposed "greenhouse gases" that are allegedly causing the alleged problem. And you can't legislate innovation.

But you can stifle it with legislation, which is what we routinely do now at virtually every turn. It seems like every innovative product and proposal is delayed interminably until it's finally killed completely or made to expensive to pursue, and we're left not only with the original problems that such innovation was attempting to rectify, but those problems are exacerbated, and they in turn cause and magnify other problems. So it's not just a case of government needing to get out of the way, it's a case where government being in the way is destroying us.

Sowell says:

Colleges can teach many valuable skills, but they can also nourish many dangerous illusions. If you really want to be of service to others, then let them decide what is a service by whether they choose to spend their hard-earned money for it.

Unfortunately, Dr. Sowell's plea is wishful thinking at it's finest. It makes perfect sense, which is exactly why liberals won't hear it. Unless the average voter comes to realize the catastrophic damage being done by the do-gooders, we're going to continue down the road to ruin, and that ruin is inevitable… and the road is a short one.

This November will tell the tale. I don't expect a miracle. In fact, I don't even expect a change in course, and oddly I feel that way because of my own behavior many years ago when I voted to George Bush instead of Ross Perot. I had decided it was better to stick with what we had than the nutty little man who would have most definitely changed things  for the better. And what we got instead was Slick Willie… Jorge Arbusto… and the King of Pigs!

Mark Rubio and Rand Paul (assuming he can keep his mouth shut) should win handily, and Reid and Boxer should be vanquished in stunning fashion. I'd regard anything less as business as usual, and our slouch toward Gomorrah being diagnosed as the result of Myositis Ossificans..

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