Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut…

And when you do, there's Peter Paul Almond Joy. Unfortunately, other Paul nuts aren't so joyful.

First there was Ron Paul, a certified nut to be sure, but an acquired taste at best. Now there's Rand Paul, son of a nut, and possibly leaning more toward the Brazil variety when it comes to size. So why not go big? That's what the Tea Party crowd has decided, or at least it would seem. And I understand. They have high hopes for Paul because most of his views are dead on consistent with Tea Party goals. The trouble with the Pauls is the thinking that got them there, and nothing is more illustrative than the controversy Randy has generated with his simplistic and reflexive response to some MSNBC host – that business ought to be free to discriminate regarding whom they serve.

I actually agree with Paul until I get past the initial thought, which takes about a millisecond. Then you start to realize the real world repercussions of such a belief and you immediately dismiss it. But see, Paul didn't do that. He not only didn't dismiss such a preposterous idea, he never thought beyond it. Instead he harbored it, probably nurtured it, and no doubt for a long time. Then he was so thrilled with his primary win that he just couldn't help proudly proclaiming his belief to an insignificant entity on and insignificant network – and thus making both instantly significant – and him self the fool – at best.

And now we're stuck with him, but no problem… he's thinking now or, more likely, someone is doing his thinking for him and showing him where his own thinking would lead… to a possible loss in November in what seemed like a certain win – especially if he keeps babbling. So Paul is now the Blumenthal of Kentucky!

But better off. Paul didn't lie. in fact he was brutally honest… almost child-like, just like his thinking. And Paul can recover. As James Taranto said, ignorance is curable, and many people in Congress have voted for bills in which they disagree in part.

No one but a liberal would label Paul a racist, and that's only because virtually all liberals are racists (it takes one to know one), and in fact, Paul's views will be a good addition to the Republican smorgasbord, but just because Paul has been chastened by his experience doesn't mean he realizes that what might make sense in concept doesn't translate well to reality. Then again, virtually all libertarian positions are like that.

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