Paul – Mounds Or Almond Joy?

Rand Paul is definitely a Mound – because his head is filled with shredded coconut without the joy of the nut."

Shorty after daddy Paul scolded the media for "gotcha journalism" and "taking things out of context," Randy was back on the Today Show with this:

"What I don't like from the president's administration is this sort of, 'I'll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,'" Paul said in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America.""I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business."

Which is just the latest example of Paul's simpleminded approach (and certainly not his last – can you tell I don't like this guy? Well, at least he's no Cavuto).

I'm one who thinks BP can't be criticized enough, but I'd add this distinction: when it comes to BP, I'm all for the "Fairness Doctrine." No criticism of BP should be allowed air time without at least an equal amount of criticism for the Bobo Administration. And that would have the advantage of negating Paul's criticism since no amount of criticism of liberals is un-American.

But of course, this isn't about whether Paul's idiotic observation has merit, it's about his penchant for both the limelight and for disseminating his wacko views. And if he's not muzzled soon, he's going to taint the movement he credits for his success.

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Even Joe Scarborough is smarter than Rand Paul:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will not mention any names, but I'll just say one of the top conservative leaders in Washington, DC, not elected, but a real opinion-shaper, had two questions.  First of all, how could he have been so stupid to have walked into this type of controversy?  And secondly, this is part of a news story so I'm going to say it, what the hell was he doing on MSNBC?  This isn't an anti-MSNBC situation but you don't find a whole lot of very liberal Democrats going on Fox News election night or the night after to do their victory lap. They're wondering whether he's ready for prime time…

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11 Responses to Paul – Mounds Or Almond Joy?

  1. One man's "wacko" is another man's champion.

  2. TedWest says:

    Right, he's the champion of wackos.

  3. Sanity is like fish stories- everyone is crazy execept me and you but I'm not so so sure about you. 😉 In our Republic whom is not a little crazy these days? We have a leader whom is part of the criminally insane coilition. Compared to Obama and McCain, Rand Paul is sane.

  4. Darcy says:

    He's not a politician. He's not good at playing the game.

  5. TedWest says:

    There's good news and bad news. The good news is that I changed my email
    address and now I get Vox message notices.

    The bad news is that
    I'm watching a movie about the Holocaust over breakfast and I log on to

    OK then, I didn't want to get into it because everything
    I've posted about Paul falls under "We hold these truths to be
    self-evident," but since there's two of you, at least it's a fair fight
    now! 😉

    So he's not good at the game is it? Like father,
    like son then? Let me ask… would you have been better at the
    game? Would you have gone on MSNBC? Would you have spouted off about
    some esoteric nonsense and not realized that it would come back to haunt
    you because those very people you were talking to were lying in wait to
    seize on the smallest thing you said to flesh out the picture they want
    to paint of you?

    So instead of Paul not being good at playing
    the game, can we leave it at – he's not good at thinking?

    oh Zaaaaak…

  6. TedWest says:

    No, Zak, that's not how sanity works. Everyone is crazy about something, but sane people know when they've gone over to the dark side, and they can return.

    Neither McCain nor Bobo is insane. Both know precisely what they are doing. And in fact, they are both, as you put it in your first post – another man's champion. So is Fidel Castro… and I'll spare you the more depraved "champions."

    But now let's put it to the test because I'd bet the farm that you agree with Paul…. Do you think business should be free to discriminate because it's an overstepping of government bounds to make it illegal?

    And before you answer, and even though it may not appear so, you're among friends. As I said, I don't think Paul is the least bit bigoted, and I hope he does win in Kentucky. So we, you and I, are merely doing what Paul claims he wanted to do – we're discussing this in concept.

    Also, before you excuse Paul yet again, you may want to review two very good and objective Fox articles here and here that demonstrate what this ignorant fool Paul has brought on himself:

    A) He's got Sarah Palin defending him (Yeah, that'll help)

    B) He's canceling appearances (tastes great, less filling)

    Has he learned from this experience? I'm sure he has. Is it too late? I don't think so. Does he still believe what he said that got him into this?? Let's ask Sarah – "You betcha!"

  7. Tactically I agree with you.

  8. They said the same thing about Reagan in 1966 (I was there).

  9. TedWest says:

    I know what was said about Reagan. They tried to portray him as a doddering old fool… HE showed them otherwise. He also said something that they tried to portray as racist and given time, I'll recall what that was, but it didn't stick because people knew the man and he already had a very positive and forceful image.People only know Paul by his nutty father.and the image he's now developing for himself. He's got a much bigger rut to dig out of than Reagan, so it's lucky that Kentucky is a small State ;)Don't worry, I have no idea what that means either!But look, even you knew better than to answer my question, so who in the heck let Paul wander about on his own and end up on some crap show on the crappiest network that ever netted?

  10. TedWest says:

    Something just occurred to me… that you probably don't understand the
    context in which I use words like "nutty." So I'd like to clarify.

    I was a big fan of the nuttiest guy in the last quarter century – Ross
    Perot. I worked in his campaign knowing he was a little wacky, but so
    what, as I said, we're all a little crazy sometime. Then he became
    certifiably nutty and I left immediately. It was probably wishful
    thinking, but for one brief, shining moment, Perot has a chance to
    change the course of history, and then his own nuttiness ended it.

    What a letdown. I still wanted him to win, but I didn't vote for him
    because we didn't know which Perot would take the oath of office.

    Perot was like the ultimate Paul, and he went down in flames. And he was
    no Phoenix even though he tried to be. So when I see ":nutty," it's a
    huge red flag. Now we don't know what other thoughts Paul harbors. In
    that sense, he's just like Bobo was, but we had a good sense about him,
    and it turned out to be dead on.

    Paul's ideas may be mostly good to very good for the country, but his
    penchant for isolationism may leave us at least as unsafe as liberal
    policy does. That makes him a good choice for Senator – as the voice of a
    certain way of thinking, but I wouldn't want him to be the deciding
    voice. I'd trust Perot infinitely more!

  11. A majority of folk knows that the country is bankrupt but hardly anybody wants to give up their political spoils to get the US on a sound financial footing again.

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