If You Still Have An Iota Of Respect For Cavuto

This should fix that…

I know I've sorta joked about hating people, but I always feel a hundred times stronger than I let on. Which brings me to Neil Cavoto who was interviewing Joe Sestak. Watch Cavuto's reaction as Sestak says this…

OK, so Neil was either disinterested or distracted by the need to go to commercial, and besides, I agreed with a lot Sestak was saying, so maybe he lulled Neil into acquiescence, But the fact is that wihile far less jobs were "created" by Bush, the number was not even close to none! And of course, I hate Bush far more than Cavuto, so my only interest here is in keeping the record straight. Cavuto may have felt the point wasn't worth arguing, but as you know, there is no falsehood told by a liberal that should be allowed a pass.

Moments later Cavoto took on Michael Steele, whom he grilled far more intensely than he did Sestak.

Yes, it was somewhat good natured, but Cavuto was relentless, proving that he has has it in him and calling into greater question why he allows so many liberals to depart with a "Good seeing you, my friend."

But all that was just the appetizer. Here's the main course…

To my utter amazement, this is how Cavuto concluded his show – with a defense of the indefensible. And note how exercised he is in this edited-for-length version:

I can think of a very good reason why Richard Blumenthal didn't lie about serving in Vietnam every time, and it certainly isn't flattering, but as someone said last night on Fox, when it comes to military service and especially Vietnam, you've got to get it right 100% of the time!.

It may be OK in some circles for former military personnel to excuse what Blumenthal has done, but a clod like Cavuto hasn't even got the right to bring up the idea of a pass. Let me put it in a way Cavuto might understand… Hey Neil, if you haven't served in the military, DEMAND IT!


By James Taranto:

The Washington Post reports that the Times was fed the story by one of Sgt. Blumenthal's prospective Republican rivals: "Linda McMahon, the multimillionaire co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment, whose campaign had been covered as a novelty since Blumenthal got in the race and led her 2-1 in the polls."

If Sgt. Blumenthal is the nominee, he may want to look into that World Wrestling business. We've heard that professional wrestling is as a phony as Sgt. Blumenthal's Vietnam record.

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