The Delightful Side Of John McCain

John McCain's top two staffers, campaign manager Shiree Verdone and her deputy, Mike Hellon, have made a dash from the border where McCain has recently set up camp to the amusement of all concerned… and unconcerned.

Up to now, McCain has been a lot of things, some good, some bad, but to my knowledge he's never been a liar. Thank God that's over! Now he's told a whopper, and he told it on film – that he's a border security hawk.

For that he's been roundly and deservedly mocked, and the result is that the above mentioned staffers are now pursuing other interests – within the Republican party. I don't know what to make of that, but it would seem it means that McCain has something less than a firm grip on the party's apparatus. Again, thank God!

I still don't think J.D. Hayworth will unseat him, partly because Hayworth is no gem, he's just way better than McCain – for now. But Hayworth hasn't been known to be the kind of conservative the Tea Partiers are looking for. Though since he is an opportunist, he just may become that sort of person.

In any case, I'd forgotten about McCain's proven ability to self-destruct, and it's ironinc if he does, because against Bobo, he was too weak. If he loses to Hayworth, it's because he came on too strong.

One guy left a comment that I think sums up my thinking perfectly – Tommy says: "Maybe it is time for him to lay them all off. and retire himself."

OK, that's not exactly my thinking. Tommy took the lighter approach. Any comment I might make would involve "grave" concerns and and something to the effect of "forget 'borderline,' how about 'flatline?'"

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