May I Suggest: “We’re All British Now?!”


"Government-run Jobcentres are offering unemployed women jobs on X-rated websites," reports Britain's Sky News:

Jobseekers are told they can earn up to £700 a week if they strip naked on webcams and have sexually explicit conversations with customers.

Women looking for clerical work were given applications for sex line jobs when they went to sign on at Jobcentre Plus offices in Birmingham, Warwickshire and Shropshire.

Faceclick, the adult agency recruiting for the work, encourages applicants to perform "activities that you feel comfortable with" when naked in front of the camera.

It features photos of its clients under various titles including "just legal 18", "fetish" and "role play."

So it turns out Acorn did nothing wrong after all!

Although in America, this might test the bounds of "We're an equal opportunity employer." And then again, maybe not. But given the choice, be honest, would you rather see Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court or on an X-rated website?

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One Response to May I Suggest: “We’re All British Now?!”

  1. Sounds like good money- bahahahahaha

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