Oil Spill May Alter The Climate – In Washington

Oil Spill May Alter The Climate – In Washington

With all the real-time idiocy going on in Washington, one tends to forget that there's something bubbling behind the scenes that, centuries from now, will make Don Quixote seem like the consummate realist. Remember the wonderfully absurd Mark Twain quote, "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it?" Well, that was then. Now we have the technology…

NOT! But the fools and pigs in Washington and in universities everywhere (let's call them "Figs," shall we)? They  think we do.

I'm sorry for misleading you. Even the figs don't think we have the technology, they merely want to stop you from living a decent life so that they can make tons of  money trading tons of CO2. And with that in mind, look at this headline today:
"Climate bill could be harmed by Gulf spill"
That's one of those headlines that requires no further reading. In fact, the underlying article couldn't possibly be as revealing as the headline itself. It will only talk about how, for this reason or that, the thievery may be delayed. But you know it won't talk about how insane it is that we as a people allow the governing scum to feel comfortable even talking about climate in any context other than idle conversation.

I've mentioned how naive I was many years ago just before the moment I realized that when some people talked about global warming, they were actually serious. Not that it was impossible that the Earth might be warming, it was only the height of absurdity, arrogance, or both to assume that we were responsible for it and could do anything about it. I mention this because the loon who was responsible for my wake-up moment, the whack job who caused me to realize that the climate nuts were a real and present danger… he showed up here recently.

If you saw the guy who goes by the username Haliburton and read his comments, you know he's certifiable, but it was back in my forum days that he asked me point blank, "Ted, you don't believe in global warming?" That's the first time I realized that there were people not in institutions who actually did. And they were ADULTS… at least chronologically speaking. Up to that point, I thought it was sort of an inside joke of elitist origin. I never dreamed that thinking people could actually believe we were heating up the planet.

But let me clarify that. It's not impossible that we are. It's only impossible for us to know that at this point. So one could speculate that humans are a factor in any warming which, itself, cannot be verified, but to believe that the planet is warming and that we're the cause? That takes a child's imagination.

And if a century or so from now it comes to pass that we can verify the planet is warming and that we contribute to it, advancing technology (as opposed to what we have today) will solve the problem, even if it means having to relocate to Mars. But don't worry, the world government will pay for it.

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3 Responses to Oil Spill May Alter The Climate – In Washington

  1. Waterbaby says:

    "I never dreamed that thinking people could actually believe we were heating up the planet." – Um, they can't.(they = thinking people)

  2. TedWest says:

    That's exactly it, isn't it? In order to believe in global warming, at some point you have to stop thinking.Just that episode with the Iceland volcano should be enough to cause anyone who's able to realize that even though it underperformed expectations, it still spewed enough stuff to dwarf anything man could do for what, decades?Then there's the problem with the fact that it's been a lot warmer before we were ever here.And did you hear the latest? Some scientists are saying that if we do clean our air even better than we've been doing over the past few decades, we'll increase global warming? You'd think these clowns would at lest hire a scriptwriter and then stick to the scenario he comes up with!

  3. Waterbaby says:

    lol, not when it's politically expedient to do otherwise!!

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