Been Thinking About Ben

It all started with Walter WIlliams' most idiotic column to date (which is really saying something) and my response to him which he acknowledged in a fashion that was totally in keeping with the thought processes of the man.

Enter Ben. Gentle Ben.

Ben loves Walter. Walter would love Ben, I believe. Because Ben is willing to overlook any and all of Walter's shortcomings, and even go so far as to explain what WIlliams was thinking while having absolutely no actual knowledge of what it was that Williams had said.

That's loyalty!

It's also incredibly stupid. How many times have you heard Judge Judy say, "You can't tell me what he thought-knew-said." Could Ben seriously think that Ole Walt is smarter than Judge Judy? I don't know, I can't tell you what Ben thinks.

Nor would I even attempt to based on what he's written on this blog. What I can say is that Walt and Ben illustrate what's wrong with conservatives. The "thinkers" spend their time on meaningless mental exercises in which their conclusions are often preposterous, and the followers excuse from accountability anyone they've dubbed acceptable. That's why we are where we are today.

And I must admit that I like railing against conservatives because it's fun and easy. Liberals are no fun because they are, de facto, stupid and insane. But conservatives actually work at it. I invite you to study the thoughts expressed by Ben, not to see where he went wrong, that should be easy. But look at how elegantly he made a fool of himself. That's conservative!

"I don't need to read no stinking column, if Walt said it, I'm down with it!"

You probably know who my favorite columnists are if you've spent any time here, but let me take just one because he's the very best at what he does – James Taranto.

Now if I were Ben, Taranto could do no wrong. But in fact, as brilliant as he is, Mr. Taranto is not without flaws. For example, he not only dismisses "birthers" (which I put in quotes because as far as I can tell, Taranto regards anyone who wants to see the real deal birth certificate a birther), he ridicules them. What makes that troubling is that Americans have the right to know every pertinent detail about someone who wants to be President. It's the singularly most important position in the world, or at least it is until Obama finishes the job he's started.

The point is, I love James Taranto. I've said that if you don't read Taranto, you're not informed. But he has to prove himself to me everyday. I eagerly await each new column, and then I both relish and scrutinize it. That's what it takes because no one is perfect. I'll overlook a mistake by Mr. Taranto on a given day, but if he makes two in the same column, suddenly he's an adversary.

The same goes for Rush Limbaugh. I know I appear schizophrenic with respect to Rush, but that's only because he's as brilliant as is humanly possible one moment, and the next, he's an elitist whom I'd like to punch in the mouth.

But Ben didn't learn the lesson here that I wish he'd learned. He left just as he'd entered – wedded to an idiot and completely ignorant of what that idiot is saying. I can't imagine what compelled him to defend Williams sight unseen, but it's the same thing that conservatives are still doing for George Bush, and they've even seen what he did – right up to laying out the red carpet for Barack Obama. When you see Bush in that ad with Clinton, be honest, which one would you rather assault?

So keep it up Ben and when and if Republicans return to power, I'm confident you'll be happy because it will probably be the Bush era all over again.

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