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Journey To The Center Of Your Mind

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does, But Tea Has The I.Q. Of Tea

What do you do when someone is so profoundly stupid as to be functionally retarded? Let me make that clearer. What do YOU do when someone comments on your blog and reveals herself to be so stupid that anything you do … Continue reading

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Where Do They Get This Stuff

For once, I'm going to be objective… not yet, but I'll let you know when I don't think I've ever seen Miley Cyrus live, though I hang on to the dream. I've seen still pictures of her, and I've read … Continue reading

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I Hate To Say I Told You So

To my ex-and-never-to-be-again conservative friends. Remember when I told you that if we, meaning the Republican crapbags you stood by, didn't do something to guarantee greater accessibility to Health care, that we'd get the very thing you feared most? And … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences

Aside from the fact that Bananabama is giving all Americans an unavoidable civics lesson which can never be good for liberals, I want to return to a question I had a few months back. I asked anyone to name one Republican … Continue reading

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The Game Changer

My apologies to Brett Baier. I just learned from O'Reilly that Baier had fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN! Now I realize that's a very long time to spend with a dirtbag, but it's nothing when it's a long-winded dirtbag. And under those … Continue reading

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Having None Of Those Nuns

How could Catholic nuns support a bill in which abortion funding will almost certainly become a reality? James Taranto provides the answer… ObamaCare: Almost as Good as Ahmadinejad Pressure is high on antiabortion Democrats to vote for ObamaCare, even though … Continue reading

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