Liberals: Blind, Deaf, And Above All – Dumb.

Ever since I stopped entertaining liberals for the simple reason that they weren't entertaining, I've sort of lost touch with how unfathomably idiotic they are. And frankly, as bad as Snowy is, he's actually the cream of the crop. So it was only after I responded to the horse's ass with the username, Tea (who appears to be a woman, by the way because there's an accent in there) that I began to recall how profoundly f****** retarded these people are.

But first I must make a correction. If Tea is actually a woman, that would make her a mare's ass!

And there's a difference between liberal men and liberal women. Liberal women are stupid because the indulge their feelings. You can actually pick out liberal women just by looking at them – they have a sort of glassy-eyed "out there" look, and you can tell right off that they're somewhere else, no doubt caught up in the magic of their idyllic dream world.

Liberal men, on the other hand, are just morons.

Anyway, for the purpose of this discussion, there's no need to distinguish because the point is that in Tea's world, the only thing that mattered here was my mention of Scott Brown. No matter that her own fellow fools have turned on such people as Evan Bayh and even Bobo himself. No, for her (it?), it was entertaining that as the country destroys itself from within, lots of conservatives were mad at Scott Brown. The fact that he was aiding and abetting the decline, albeit in a small way, was inconsequential.

And her comment pointed up something else – that liberals in general are gleeful about the reaction to Brown beyond anything I could have guessed. It was only later that it dawned on me how the liberal overreaction far exceeded the conservative reaction.

What I mean by that is that Scott Brown's vote was not unexpected. More to the point, Brown is a Senator from Massachusetts, so for no other reason than that, some of his votes are likely to be less than the conservative ideal. Furthermore, as you know and Tea doesn't, I tend to exaggerate in order to get the very sort of reaction this dumb liberal expressed. And my first reaction was not the reply I wrote, it was a smile and some bit of satisfaction that I'd hooked another one.

So now to set the record straight, Scott Brown's vote is a big disappointment to be sure, and it only hurts his chances for the future if, as I'd thought, he wants to pursue a position on the Republican Presidential ticket. He's put people on notice that he's less Reaganesque than we'd thought, and more Schwarzeneggeresque! And the fact that he's backing McCain for re-election sure doesn't help, but that, too, is understandable.

What's not understandable is how liberals consistently miss the forest for the trees. Nothing they stand for, nothing they want will lead to a rejuvenation of America, and they apparently don't even watch the Discovery channel, the Travel channel, or the History channel (probably especially the History channel), or they would be acutely aware of how formerly backward countries are passing us by due to liberal policies in America – bad mortgages, stimulus slush funds, environmental policies that discourage development and energy independence, and most especially, the minimum wage which has not only left us non-competitive, but has greatly hindered any recovery from the mess they created.

Is there even the slightest indication that any of 'em get it? Not if Tea is any indication. No, she and her Puffington Peers are too busy letting their imaginations run wild and reveling in the liberal version of Wonderland. At least they've avoided the Obama curse. You know, the one Valerie Jarrett noted – that he's so bright that he's cured by realizing his mistakes instantly.

Unfortunately, he's not bright enough to have realized them before he made them, but Bobo Bright is plenty good enough for liberals – since it's something else the rest of them can only dream of.



This just in from James Taranto who, by the way, is so bright that he sees his mistakes even before he has the underlying idea…

If Scott Brown is a RINO, any conservative with an semblance of sanity should drop to his knees and say a prayer of thanks for the creation of RINOs. If the species didn't exist, Sen. Martha Coakley would be the 60th vote in favor of ObamaCare. No, scratch that. She'd be the 62nd vote for ObamaCare, the 60th and 61st coming from the Maine Democrats who would have soundly defeated whatever "real" Republicans ran in place of Snowe and Collins.

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