Palin For McCain

A short time ago, I heard the first radio ad featuring Sarah Palin endorsing John McCain for reelection to the Senate in Arizona. When I first learned that she was going to stump for him, I understood why. It's simple, really. Without McCain, Palin would be nowhere today. She owes him for all the prominence she'd gained.

So I don't fault her for standing up for John McCain – as long as that's all she did. In other words, if she were to attack his opponent, J.D. Hayworth, or even mention him, then it would be, "Die, Sarah, Die!

Well, she didn't bring up Hayworth, but the ad is still ugly because she talks about McCain being a real conservative when he's anything but. A few says ago, he was interviewed on local radio, The Barry Young Show (one of America's; two or three great talk radio programs available on the Web at, and McCain was asked about the Supreme Court overturning McCain-Feingold.

John McCain finally had an out from the terrible thing he and George Bush inflicted on the country… and he said he was disappointed in the court's decision. So he doesn't need reelection to the Senate, he needs an eternal nap.

And he wasn't done. He actually lied about the climate bill he sponsored with the always filthy Joe Lieberman, saying that he never favored a cap on carbon (the bill specifically caps it), and by his other comments and tone, it's clear that he hasn't given up on climate legislation.

So Sarah had better be careful. She's done her part, and she hasn't crossed my line, but she came closer than I expected. You could tell she was reading a script, but that's exactly what got her in trouble during the :Presidential campaign – when it was important for her to distance herself from McCain… she went along.

On the bright side, I saw Palin on O'Reilly last night, and it marked the first time I heard her speak extemporaneously with force, confidence, and intelligence (mostly) So Sarah still has a future and getting too cozy with John McCain now is the last thing she needs. She should give him the support he gave her – nothing more. And if she does, we won't be hearing much more from her on behalf of the (hopefully lame duck) Senator..

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