How Now Brown Plow?

There's hope – will America see it?

The election of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey seemed to indicate that something was in the air, but the election of Scott Brown caused  the entire nation, including the stinking liberals to take notice.

And before I go on, yes, it is imperative that a pejorative adjective precede every mention of the word "liberal."

That said, a few weeks ago I asked if anyone could name a non-idiot Republican with backbone – and Scott Brown stood up.  Now it appears that there are others – Marco Rubio in Florida, Meg Whitman in California, and Thaddeus McCotter in Michigan to name those with whom I've become familiar.

Just today, Neil Cavuto interviewed both Whitman and Rubio and they are not your average Republican. Rubio sounded like Scott Brown and Meg Whitman sounded the way we'd all hoped Sarah Palin would – calm, rational, and in control.

So as I said in the title, there's real hope on the horizon, and we haven't been able to say that for decades. I believe the voting public will have no choice but to see it, and we're going to know this year!

Now here are some impressions I wrote down about Scott Brown in the wake of the election. I wanted to wait a week to see which still applied because, who knows, I could have already hated Brown by now!?!

Obama said he was going to restore hope in America, and he has – God works in mysterious ways, and so does the Messiah

Evidence of the feminization of America… You see it on Judge Judy everyday – the idiotic woman suing her ex-deadbeat… because she trusted him when he said he'd pay her back… that's what America did with Obama. – they trusted a loser because he talked good… not well, good. And it wasn't just women who bought his act. Lots of emasculated males did as well.

I called Obama the "rottenest man who ever ran." Now we need to make sure he's the rottenest man who ever failed without violence.

Being evil doesn't go well with being stupid

Mr. Brown goes to Washington

I'm healthier already!

If your initial reaction to Scott Brown isn't positive, I don't wanna know you.

A landslide repudiation of just about everything liberals stand for

The quick Brown fox…

Mitch McConnell said the Democrats should take heed… hey Mitch, it's the Republicans who should be paying very close attention.

Senator Brown, please resist Republican sentiments and keep up the pressure. If there were two moments of disappointment, they came when you expressed a willingness to work with Democrats – and Republicans……… and when you thanked John McCain

Thinks on his feet

Smart, funny, human

I felt bad for Sarah Palin who was being interviewed by Greta Van Susteren just before Brown's victory speech. The contrast was dramatic.

When Romney was pushing his health care plan, "good" conservatives ridiculed him. I said this was a perfect example of how this country should work – let Massachusetts try it and we'll see. Do I need to tell you how well my comments were received? I think it could be argued that if it weren't for Romney, we wouldn't have Brown.

"Talk about the life in Massachusetts. Speak about the people I have seen. And the lights all went down in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts is one place I have seen. I will remember Massachusetts…"

The second shot heard 'round the world

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment

This is the first time in Michelle Obama's adult life that I've been proud of the people of Massachusetts


And finally, there's this…


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One Response to How Now Brown Plow?

  1. Waterbaby says:

    good post; enjoyed reading this. still stunned if not breathless at the possibility of a Republican advancing in California!

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