The Rationalization Of The Day

Taranto (who will be on Hannity's panel tonight, but he's not nearly and witty and brilliant on-air as he is in print, although that could be because he's mostly been on CNN up to now):

An Erection in Indonesia
"A statue of President Barack Obama as a boy erected in a Jakarta park has been targeted in a Facebook campaign by thousands who say it should be removed," the Associated Press reports from the Indonesian capital:

The Facebook group named "Take Down the Barack Obama Statue in Taman Menteng Park" had attracted more than 10,000 members by Tuesday since the 43-inch statue of 10-year-old Obama dressed in shorts and a T-shirt was unveiled in the downtown park on Thursday last week. . . .

The statue cost more than $10,000. The money was donated by eight Indonesian patrons, a television station and a disaster relief charity.

The Facebook group is now over 23,000 members–not bad considering it isn't even in English. The idea of a disaster relief charity paying to erect a statue of the president seems to rankle people especially, but to our mind it makes sense. Just as the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize was followed by an escalation in Afghanistan, giving Obama awards before he's actually done anything may remove some of the incentive for him to engage in harmful actions. If the statue in Indonesia stops ObamaCare, it will have been disaster money well spent

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3 Responses to The Rationalization Of The Day

  1. Obama had an erection? I thought that Michelle had castrated him.

  2. TedWest says:

    No, that would have been news – a case of "dog bites man!"

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