The Verdict On Windows 7

One month is, Windows 7 is definitely more stable than Vista, and I suspect that it's the most stable version of Windows ever, but I can't say that with certaintly since I've never used XP. However, I probably try a dozen new freeware programs a day, and not one has succeeded in crashing Wondows 7.

However, if you have no problems with Vista, there's also no compelling reason to upgrade to 7 if for no other reason than I've had to find a new program to do backups (which I haven't needed and the program I found was a simple upgrade of the one I had). Because my backup program is the single most important program I hope I never have to use again for restoration purposes.

Otherwise, I haven't found anything that Windows 7 does that Vista didn't do, nor have I found any programs that won't run that ran under Vista. All I can say is that 7 has a subtle feeling of smoothness (but no meaningful increase in speed) which translates into reduced stress – when there's a rare glitch, I just sit for a second and Windows recovers (if in fact it was recovering at all since hangups can be caused by any number of things).

So I wish I had something dramatic to report, but for ordinary users, drama in the operating system is something they can probably do without – And Windows 7 certainly lessens the drama. I don't believe I've lost anyting since I've upgraded to Wondows 7, and that includes restore points. However, I did have to find them initially as they are another example of Microsoft moving something for seemingly no reason.

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A longtime veteran of comedy and political forums, I decided that I needed a more restful venue because... well... I finally hate everybody. Except my wife that is... and my ex-wife.. and... no, that's about it. I lead about as simple a life as one can, preferring activities that include anything that doesn't involve going out and seeing YOU! And I particularly enjoy what I call "Get the Bitch" movies on Lifetime. You know the ones where the intended victim finally does something so incredibly stupid that she forfeits her right to live, and from that moment on you're rooting for the stalker. Of course, it rarely works out the way you want, but when it does, the feeling you get is... well, there's nothing else like it, other than, maybe, eating chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I'm proudly anti-wildlife, both foreign and domestic, and anti-environment - especially foreign environments. I think Howard Stern put it best when he said, "If fifty percent of the population died tomorrow, I can live with that." And I feel the same about the other fifty percent, so together, we've pretty much got it all covered.
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