The Smartest Guy In The Country

Rush Limbaugh was saying today that when he started out, he wanted to be recognized as the smartest guy in the country… and that he has succeeded. But he immediately lamented that it has done him no good because he and we) are surrounded by arrogant and corrupt morons.

Now I'm not going to quibble with Rush about intelligence because he is very smart, and he may be right in his self-assessment. What I want to talk about is his assertion that we're surrounded by morons. Sure that is self-evident, but what's so concerning is that they're smart enough to know that we have to treat them as equals under the law.

I mean, animals don't get equal treatment – yet, though the morons are trying because it benefits the morons in the same way that a sea of illegal aliens and ignorant, under-educated, dependent people benefit the Democratic Party.

I'm always amused when someone says that Obama is "very intelligent," and it doesn't come only from the left. Don't get me wrong, Obama is surely the smartest man in the room – considering that he carefully selects the rooms he enters. But the fact is, if you think Obama is intelligent, he is… compared to YOU.

But to me, he's not very smart, he doesn't speak very well, and he's as phony as a three dollar bill with his face on it. And of utmost importance is that Obama is willing to employ thuggish tactics with the full approval of the moronic throngs who see him as more intelligent than they are.

Most people who think Obama is smart also think that "global warming" is real and that public healthcare will somehow be beneficial. Sometimes I think I'm watching a cartoon.

And here's the real problem… people are smart enough to put sentences together, but not smart enough to decide the future of the country… much less yours and mine. And yet the morons control the business of America because there are so many of them. How do you propose to overcome that?

One slightly encouraging fact is that Rush's audience is composed of a great many people who are nowhere near as smart as he is, yet they are able to see reality where true morons can't. Now it's true that the insane can't be converted, and who'd trust them if they could? And sadly, the insane a very large segment of the liberal population who also can't be committed because they can dress and feed themselves and their families.

But the good news is that there may be enough people on the left who are simply misguided and pathetic, and those people may be reachable to some degree. Especially when the disaster that is Obama has attained critical mass.

Assuming it's not too late…

The bad news is that there's no right-thinking person who has stood up and put themselves on the line for freedom. Sarah Palin probably embodies the best of the rest, but she's so far too weak. As is Michelle Bachmann. Thaddeus McCotter looks the most promising to me, but I'm not hopeful about him. He's perceptive and smart, articulate and funny, but will he stand up and be the rock America needs?

In the meantime, we're going to continue to sink further and faster into the abyss.

Meanwhile, he's certainly not the smartest guy in the country, but he's the smartest guy this week, and Today, Glenn Beck is in the midst of a brilliant sixty minutes as I post this…

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