Big On Trump, Miss Ca.? Not So Much

Donald Trump is batting .500 for the week. He did the right thing today in declaring that Carrie Prejean would keep her crown. Last Sunday night it was quite a different situation when he "hired" Joan Rivers to be his Celebrity Apprentice over Annie Duke.

I had never heard of Duke before she showed up as an aspirant, but she emerged bigger than life, demonstrating week after week that poker players, at least this poker player, if phenomenally competent across a wide spectrum of tasks. If you saw the show, there''s no need for me to detail it all, and if you missed the show, you missed something dynamic.

Duke, along with former Playboy model, Brande Roderick, who was stunningly beautiful and nearly as dynamic, was marvelous to watch. She played the game brilliantly and unbelievably competently, and while her efforts doubtlessly greatly increased her exposure and the way people will come to regard her, what she got on the show was a near nonstop diatribe of insults and worse from Joan Rivers who, was no slouch in representing septuagenarians as not only still capable, but resoundingly so, even if there was an undercurrent of feeling that Rivers was amazing "for her age."

But in the overall, Duke deserved to win, and when you couple that with Rivers outrageously despicable behavior, it should have been no contest, and, in fact, it was. I realized halfway through the three hour show that Rivers was going to win. There was simply no way Trump could subject the still-astute coming and his friend to the indignity of losing. later, I was mad at myself for not realizing all that last week when the finalists were announced.

The point is that I found Trump's actions on Sunday night to be so vile that I vowed never to watch the show again, and it hurt because, as I indicated, this Apprentice had actually been thrilling. I sat there with my mouth open at times as Annie weaved her way through obstacles and my eyes bugged out when, in the final, she'd raised three times as much money for her charity as Rivers did for hers.

Yet she got almost no respect from Trump and horrendous verbal abuse from Rivers. I felt Duke's pain and humiliation probably more than she did. So I was furious – genuinely so this time. I never wanted to see Trump again.

But then along came the real world, and when it counted, Trump did the exact right thing and awarded Carrie her crown. Then Carrie took over, and much of what she said was right and good until…

She started whining about how she'd been wronged and how it should be unconstitutional because she was vilified for her free speech. Wrong, you dumb… what were those words Hilton called her again?

No one stooped her from speaking her mind, they were outraged(wrongly) by what she said, but the right to free speech is only consequence-free with respect to the government arresting you. Anyone who speaks her mind can otherwise suffer all sorts of unanticipated results, so the bottom line is that while all went right, I'm far less sympathetic to Ms. Prejean than I was yesterday.

She should have been criticized because her pageant answer was stupid, and her comment today was more so, She may not be stupid herself, but now she has an uphill battle to prove it. 

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