There Limbaugh Goes Again

Why does Rush Limbaugh want to deprive people of decent healthcare? He was railing against Obama again today about how Obama is pressuring healthcare people and companies into concessions which, from their POV will hopefully preclude greater pressure and legislation later. Limbaugh called them fools. He said they're only doing it because they're scared. He says Obama is muscling them into submission.


Now I hate Obama as much as anyone, but the tactics he's employing to get his agenda passed as nothing short of admirable, presuming they don't lead to some form of totalitarianism. His tactics are exactly what I expected Bush to do with his Republican majority, but Republicans in general, and Bush in particular, were so amazingly weak and unconcerned that they did virtually nothing.

Limbaugh cited the 50 million figure the Dems claim is the number of people who lack health insurance. He claimed the figure was not true. He's probably right. So how many are there, Rush? Pick a number. Whatever it is, that's the amount of people who are is serious jeopardy that you and Bush and the Republicans are responsible for.

One statistic we know for sure is that fifty percent of people who file for bankruptcy do so because of overwhelming healthcare costs. many of these people (again, pick a percentage) will be ruined forever because they were unlucky enough to get sick or hurt. And many of their health problems weren't even catastrophic – except to their financial health.

And you simply don't care. You've got yours. Bush certainly has his. I don't trust Obama and the Dems to do anything right, but they're doing what you and Bush and the Republicans never did – i.e. something.

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One Response to There Limbaugh Goes Again

  1. Snowy says:

    Hopefully, Obama will get it through. It's long overdue. No-one should have to live with the threat of health bankruptcy hanging over their head all their lives. More so, in the richest country in the world.

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