Times Blames Bush – I Couldn’t Agree More

It seems that the biggest reaction coming from the White House in over seven years is its response to the New York Times article which blames Bush for the mortgage crisis. And that's precisely the problem.

Defenders of the worst President that history will ever see are saying that the Times itself blamed the Clinton administration and other factors ten or so years ago for what would then be the coming crisis, and my response to that is – so what?

Yes, Clinton and people like Barney Frank were and are to blame, by Bush knew that there were big problems ahead, and yet he did nothing , as is his custom (has any President done less?). He could have and should have been at the podium on a daily basis warning of what would happen, but he wasn't. Had he done so, he'd have avoided virtually all blame. And today, he's the biggest socialist this country will hopefully ever see.

My own feeling is that there's nothing now that Bush doesn't deserve blame for. Even things he did right went badly and he responded by doing too little, too late to correct the little he has corrected, not to mention that he's acted unilaterally in bailing out the auto industry, when he could have been hailed, as Reagan was, for breaking the back of a union.

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