Timothy & Chuck

Retiring liberal-conservative Senator, Chuck Hagel, has determined what is wrong with America and it it us – you and me – but not Timothy. Speaking to some group somewhere, sometime in the recent past, Hagel singled out Rush Limbaugh as representative of the problem, saying that 87% of the American people think the country is on the wrong track, and that at some point the parties have to come together, compromise, and govern.

The keyword there?

Hagel accused Limbaugh of being among the most partisan and said that it was easy for "entertainers" to say what they say and claim to have all the solutions, so they (Rush) ought to run for office. Limbaugh's answer: Why doesn't Senator Hagel try doing a talk show, and see how that goes?

Limbaugh's point – Hagel feels that you can't effect solutions if you don't hold office. More importantly, Rush noted that in assessing the situation, Hagel decided that is was the partisan right which is to blame. This despite the undeniable fact that the wacko left is off-the-charts- partisan, and that the partisan right is a product of the left's demand that all compromise must come from the right, and not the left.

Of course, the MSM picked up on Hagel's remarks, and Limbaugh was the subject on MSNBC last night where no less a political sage than E.J. Dionne offered Rush and conservatives his advice on how they can win elections. Do I need to get into it? Sure… it only requires four words – Go left young man.

By coincidence, I had just sat down to write about the election aftermath when Limbaugh began his remarks. I had intended writing that I'd been saying we needed to wait for the election to see where America was really at, and now we know – and it's a worst-case scenario. I couldn't believe (and I still can't) that America would elect Barack Obama, and now that it has, we are not seeing an end to frothing left partisanship. On the contrary, we're seeing increased boldness and stepped up demands for the most far out leftist ideas including such nonsense as war crimes trials.

Just yesterday, Cheney was indicted in Texas for providing unsafe conditions for enemy combatants or illegal immigrants or whatever, and Obama himself restated that he intends to move quickly on implementing life-ruining climate restrictions.

When I read the article about the Cheney indictment, it contained what I've come to hate – a comments section. I hate them because they are merely a forum for the most vile and stupid of liberals to unload their garbage, and this one was particularly disgusting.

And amidst all this, Hagel sees Rush as the bad guy.

And Timothy sees me the same way.

Now I freely acknowledge that Chuck and Tim do not see eye to eye ideologically, but their approach is the same, and so the results will be.

Hagel is hopeless, and I think Timothy may be as well, but if he isn''t, at some point he's going to have to realize that there is no compromise with liberals. That nothing Timothy holds most dear is going to go in his favor as long as he wants to dialogue it out. In fact, liberals love squishy conservatives because they can drag out discussion ad infinitum and they never have to do anything.

So I don't know if Timothy Hagel will ever come to his senses, but however long it takes is time lost, and if he does realize what a fool he's been, he'll likely feel the way I did at that point – he'll feel sick inside.

Then will he get angry they way I did or will he be too weak and timid? That's for him to deal with. My job is to keep the pressure on – pressure cookers work faster, or they explode. Either way, the result is better than the slow death Timothy's approach will bring.

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