What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?

Now what?

Interestingly, both Democrats and Republicans alike are probably asking that question today.

Jonah Goldberg puts it this way:

 "If Democrats govern from the center, good for the country. If they govern from their instincts, good for the Republicans."

I have complete faith the Dems will do the latter which could make 2012 look like Palm Sunday in America for Republicans.

Which is why I refuse to share the gloom and doom being expressed by some conservative bloggers today. In fact, my main worry is that Democrats will be so bad that Republicans won't be forced to reflect on their failures and to reform themselves.

In other words, we'll have a mirror image of what we've jsut been through for the last few years.

You see, Republicans and conservatives need to learn a lot of important lessons.

First and formost is the fact that people tend not to like them. It doesn't matter why. What matters is that they start to say and do things that cause people to take notice – I mean in a positive way. Because believe me, they've noticed what our side has done that isn't so positive – the spending, the weakness… I'd call it Democrat-lite, but Democrats are anything but weak.

Another lesson our side need to understand is that people only care about verbal lapses when they're made by people on the right. it seems that every day in recent weeks brought us a new supposedly daming remark by some liberal or other, and we seized on each one as if those would be the exact words that woudl deliver us from evil.

It didn't happen.

One of the greatest motivational speakers of all-time, Jim Rohn, said long ago, "In order for things to change… you've got to change. Conservatives can't keep doing the same things and expect that Democrat failures will return them to power.

George Bush ruined the Republican party. Yet conservative held John McCain responsible. And now that McCain has lost, people will hold him even more responsible. But there are no candidates, sarah palin included at this point, who can articulate conseervative values and put forth a conservative track record that will offer people a clear, positive choice.

It's an amazing realization that John McCain was the best candidate Republicans could put up against Barack Obama, and it's even more amazing that there is absolutely no one in the wings who can lead the charge in four years. When Gerald Ford lost in '76, there was Ronald Reagan to turn to. Luckily, four years is a long time, and I hope sarah Palin displays the same determination she's shown heretofore – that she learns from this experience and her mistakes, and that she uses this time to become the best prepared candidate in the Republican Party.

As a conservative, you may not realize right now that we've been handed a golden opportunity. The challenge will be to focus on our principles and to find people who can carry the banner. Don't blame the Democrats, not only is that the easy way out, but it will get us nowhere. Understand that people to the left of you are not as outraged – they don't attach the same weight liberal transgressions that you do. They're wrong, but they hate it more when you tell them that.

So if you're willing to be brutally honest, if you're willing to hold people on the right accountable, there's great hope. If you aren't willing, as Jim Rohn also famously says, "Then weep over your own bank account."

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One Response to What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?

  1. Jeff D says:

    There definitely needs to be a rethinking of what it means to be a Republican, especially economically. Let's hope it happens by 2012

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