Where Has THIS McCain Been?

It took forever, but John McCain finally has his stump speech down. This morning in Pennsylvania, first Sarah Palin and then McCain himself hammered Obama from all angles and they hit the bullseye on every issue from taxes, energy and wealth redistribution to victory in Iraq and cleaning up Washington.

Both Palin and McCain sounded every bit as good as they did at the convention, and they were tough and believable, as opposed to Obama with his pie-in-the sky theories and his psuedo-Robin Hood tendencies.

I kept thinking that the choice is so clear and so evident that only a fool would support Obama after hearing McCain and Palin speak.

And for anyone who thinks that Obama is the better speaker, John McCain has just put that notion to rest.

Oh, by the way, McCain just informed us that Joe Biden has lowered their tax cut threshold to 150. Let's call it "reverse bracket creep"… per a real creep.

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A longtime veteran of comedy and political forums, I decided that I needed a more restful venue because... well... I finally hate everybody. Except my wife that is... and my ex-wife.. and... no, that's about it. I lead about as simple a life as one can, preferring activities that include anything that doesn't involve going out and seeing YOU! And I particularly enjoy what I call "Get the Bitch" movies on Lifetime. You know the ones where the intended victim finally does something so incredibly stupid that she forfeits her right to live, and from that moment on you're rooting for the stalker. Of course, it rarely works out the way you want, but when it does, the feeling you get is... well, there's nothing else like it, other than, maybe, eating chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I'm proudly anti-wildlife, both foreign and domestic, and anti-environment - especially foreign environments. I think Howard Stern put it best when he said, "If fifty percent of the population died tomorrow, I can live with that." And I feel the same about the other fifty percent, so together, we've pretty much got it all covered.
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2 Responses to Where Has THIS McCain Been?

  1. Great post. I agree with you about McCain being a better candidate than Obama. I would imagine that the tax rate will get even lower than $150,000. If Obama broke his promise about public financing and will not disclose the source of this contributions, he will surely change his mind on taxes.

  2. JudgeBob says:

    No kidding. McCain has been acting as if the media were his friend not understanding that he benefited from their love only because he was the most left of the right. When he became the most right of the remaining field that love evaporated and he was left stunned and amazed. Its taken months for him to get over it and realize he is actually seen as the enemy by the press.

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