The Column Of The Day

I always admire writers of columns like this. I'm grateful to those people who are able to take on the tedious but important subjects and make them clear and simple to understand.

I didn't know the gentleman, and the Post doesn't tell us anything, so I did a little search and found this interesting bit:

Jacob Sullum is a senior editor of Reason, the libertarian monthly named one of "The 50 Best Magazines" for two years straight by the Chicago Tribune.:

The perfect credentials to discuss Obama, wouldn't you say? He talks about the junior Senator's ideas for job creation and shows why Bobo is naive at best and dangerous to our economic health at worst.

OK, that's not the worst. Obama is dangerous to our physical health and well being, but the writer didn't get into that. He probably felt that we Average Joes know enough about that already… which says a lot about Obama's supporters, since they don't. Just think of an Obama supporter as your neighbor who can get you killed.

By the way, I've been stressed by this for some time now. I feel the Obama's name should always be in small letters if I have to write it at all, but so far, grammar has prevailed. I feel like such a slave.

Maybe I could compromise and use small letters for his first and last names and make his middle name all caps?

Anyway, Vote Obama, he's the male Carol Moseley Braun.

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