Joe The Plumber/Economist

Our favorite plumber was just on Cavuto, and his first pithy comment was about why Cavuto would be seeking his opinion when he's just a plumber. Cavuto explained that he seems more in touch with the average guy and market principles and many of the experts. Sure enough.

But then Joe said something that Cavuto certainly wouldn't agree with, but which is exactly how I feel. Joe was reminded that just today, Bobo had reaffirmed the comment he made to Joe, and Wurzel…whatever said that people should be more scared than ever then because we need to spread wealth by spreading opportunity, not by taking people's money and giving it to others.

no, that's not the part Cavuto would disagree with, this is: Joe said that he was mad at corporate America too, and (get ready) no CEO is worth thirty million dollars a year.

Forget that a lot of 'em make way more than that, Joe is so right on. And that doesn't even take into account the actors, sports figures, and Wall Street guys who do nothing for productivity. People argue that the super rich earned their money. No they didn't. They earned some of it. They may even have earned a lot of it, but much more was due to luck and being well-positioned, and often their income and what it represents blocks opportunity for others, others who might have a better product or method if they could only develop it.

So I love Joe. before today, I only liked him. But just because there are two guys who see things the way they are doesn't mean anything will change, so you defenders of the rich needn't worry. I have every confidence the rich will continue to get richer and that the gap between rich and poor will continue to widen, and if you're really lucky, at an increasing rate.

At least we agree that Obama is the Rottenest Man Who Ever Ran, right?

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