Another High Tech Mugging

You knew something didn't seem right, didn't you? Someone said last night that these sort of crimes always have the same outcome – they we're made up by the alleged victim. And Republicans now have their Susan Smith – a big black guy attacked her and stole her kids.

In this case, the big black guy must have been a dyslexic known as Borro, which explains why he carved a reverse "B" in her face. And why, unlike the Zorro character, he put a mask on her.

Just kidding about the mask… and he apparently didn't have a paper bag… James Taranto picks up the story…

Todd described her "attacker" as "a dark-skinned black man, 6 feet 4 inches tall," an obvious appeal to invidious stereotypes of extremely tall men. The Smoking Gun has an image of Todd's Twitter page, in which she seems to give a play-by-play account of the putative mugging (quoting verbatim; each line is a separate entry; the first three an hour apart, the last one three hours after the penultimate one):

This traffic in pittsburgh needs to go away!!!! #litf08

Stubbornly searching for a bank of america to avoid ATM fees.

Pretty sure I'm on the wrong side of pittsburgh.

Oh the blog I will be making soon… Its been a rough night #litf08

This seems like very odd behavior–though for all we know, it's what Twitterers (Twits?) do.

Exactly. And what this demonstrates the basic difference between liberals and conservatives, at least some of them: conservatives are nuts.. liberals are evil.

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