Remember Troopergate?

Remember how the media was aghast at the possibility that Sarah Palin may have fired a guy who served at her pleasure and that her husband might have tried to get a state trooper fired because the law enforcement officer had threatened family members and rasered his kid for the fun of it? Remember how it was big news that a partisan report on the matfer said Palin had abused her authority while at the same time exonerating her?

Well, there's a story about another governor that I bet you haven't heard about, and this guy runs a slightly more prominent State.

And his predecessor was unceremoniously run out of town due to scandal.

Although in this governor's defense, the story doesn't involve a lone renegade state trooper. It involves the Governor's own security detail!, and it goes something like this…

New York's Governor Paterson, who happens to be black, finds himself in the center of a complaint that's obviously being lodged by racists. Here's what the NY Post says about it:

The allegations, outlined to State Police union leaders and widely discussed among the troopers themselves, stem from a shakeup in their ranks ordered after Paterson took office in March. The shakeup led to the assignment of a large number of new, non-uniformed State Police officers to Paterson's security detail, nearly all of whom are black, State Police sources said.

That can't mean anything, can it? It must be just coincidence? So how would you answer the charge if you were speaking for the Governor?

A source close to Paterson called the allegation "sour grapes" by the once politically favored troopers and said, "You mean it was OK when the governor's security detail was mostly all white?"

Well, considering that blacks comprise 8 percent of State Police officers, uh… yeah.

But State Police Superintendent Harry Corbett, who was appointed by Paterson, and who also just happens to be black, assures us that all hiring has been done according to merit.

And anyone knows that blacks have more merit.

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