The Racist vs The Opportunist

You may not have heard because it didn't get a lot of publicity, but Colin Powell… well… let's just say he gave Barack Obama a Colinoscopy yesterday, if you get my drift.

This wasn't unexpected, and not just because it was Ingrates Weekend in the media. No, it's because Powell hinted that he might be for Obama a few months back when he said that a black President would be "electrifying."

Maybe it's just me, but after twenty years, I'd just find a competent President to be electrifying.

A black President would just be a horse of a different color, no more, no less. Why don't we just do something like the UN does with its Security Council and have a system of rolling ethnicities, etc.? Then the next Prez will be a woman or an Hispanic, and so on.

Except then I hope we don't follow Spain's lead and give rights to the Great Apes. Although it could be argued that we already did when Al Gore ran…

Anyway, I couldn't decide… was Powell's decision to endorse Obama due more to the fact that he's a racist or a four-star opportunist? With Bobo saying today that he'd have a position for Powell in his administration, it would seem at first glance that Powell had gotten as much mileage out of being a Republican as he thought he could, and now it was time for the chicken to come home to roost and lap up some Democrat gravy – if chickens like gravy, that is.

But then I thought, no, Obama may just be trying to cover for Powell who's really a general in the silent race war we didn't know we were in until Obama ran. I mean, if 92% of blacks are racist, the odds are that Powell's one too. Although I admit that figure may be no more accurate than Obama's mantra that 95% of (now) wage earners will be getting a tax cut. After all, some percentage of blacks might be voting for Obama because they think he's best qualified, and I'll pause here for a moment so you can stop laughing…

And did you hear that Powell's son is supporting McCain, thus throwing into doubt Newton's Law that an apple doesn't fall far from the opportunist?

In terms of significance, I don't know what effect the Powell endorsement will have, except on me personally. I mean, it could be another nail in McCain's coffin, but another nail might not be needed - I heard a rumor that someone already put it in one of those vacuum bags as seen on TV?!

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2 Responses to The Racist vs The Opportunist

  1. I think that Colin Powell did a fine job serving his country, that Powell is a closet Democrat and that he thinks that Obama is going to win and that he wouldn't mind getting an appointment in the new administration. I'm sorry for Powell that he sold out to the left.

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