Talkin’ Sarah… Tina And The Puke

20 October 2008 06:38:44

I only caught the opening segment of SNL starring Sarah Palin, but it was stunning on a number of levels, the most significant being that Sarah is as beautiful and charismatic on an entertainment stage as she is on the political stage… and perhaps more so. I actually gasped when they cut away from Tina Fey (hey, that's a poem, a slogan and good advice) to the shot of Sarah standing with Lorne Michaels. You knew instantly why Fey herself didn't want to stand next to Palin – Fey was palin' in comparison!

And the despicable just standin' there, Alec Baldwin, made an utter fool of himself – all by himself. He clearly hadn't rehearsed and could barely say the lines he was reading. That was heartwarming.

I caught Sarah's second appearance later on Fox, and she monopolized the shot. It could have been billed as "Sarah Palin and a cast of… well, we don't really know how many because they were all but invisible.

For it's part, SNL disgraced itself by trying to humiliate Palin and failing miserably. While both segments were enormously disrespectful, Sarah shined through each and SNL was both contemptible and pitiable for its blatantly obvious, heavy-handed attempt to mock her, not to mention what ingrates Michaels & Co. are for the publicity and ratings Palin brought them.

When I heard Sarah would be appearing, I said to my wife that it just might be the highest rated SNL ever, and while it wasn't quite that, it was stunning that a Vice Presidential candidate has the power to draw as she has.

So why didn't the McCain camp demand better terms going in? It seems to me that they weren't the ones begging SNL for Palin to appear on the show, but even assuming they were, they had to know Palin would be big – because I did. It left me wondering… is the McCain campaign competent on any level?

The good news though is that Sarah Palin got to appear on a venue where liberals were sure to watch, and while no one and nothing can change the minds of the haters, reasonable people who watched her have to be impressed with how absolutely, gorgeously normal she was – as opposed to how she's been portrayed by the media.

Now Fey can continue her impersonation and people will compare and contrast it with the real person in the same venue. Good job, Sarah - again. You continue to amaze decent people everywhere with your patience, your equanimity, and your dignity.

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