McCain Hasn’t Got The Energy?

He did it again last night. Actually, John McCain did so many things again last night, none of which are a winning strategy, that it was hard to keep track. Most of it was, as I said in an earlier post, due to McCain's seeming lack of preparedness. Campaigning must be the most grueling thing John McCain has endured since Hanoi, but he knows when it's going to end, and he's had plenty of time to gather all the facts.

Yet he hasn't. Last night when Obama was talking about energy and McCain reeled off all the things we needed to be doing, what he didn't say was that Obama cannot achieve his energy independence with the program he wants to follow, much less in the ten years he claims it will take to implement it.

The facts are, there is no substitute for oil, clean coal is a pipe dream at this point, and the only form of energy that might make a serious dent in oil consumption is the one liberals are most against – nuclear. McCain wants to pursue every option full bore – good. Obama has a zero possibility of doing anything that's even meaningful in his two terms, which are themselves highly unlikely.

I don't know what's wrong with McCain. He's neither lazy nor fuzzy-headed. But he's been shockingly ill-prepared for what are arguably the three most important moments of his political career. Couple that with Obama's money and its accompanying ability to buy media time, and you'd think McCain would have wanted to make the most of his national exposure… and that he'd use his best asset, his running mate, to better advantage.

John McCain differs from other people who have run poor campaigns in that his is easily the most winnable despite people's disdain for Republicans in general. That he hasn't made the most of his golden opportunity is puzzling, but again, it does appear that he'd rather lose an election than one of his Washington friends. He won't even criticize the ones who criticize him.

McCain may be a scrapper, but he's not a killer. He could have made Obama look like a fool on energy, one area Liberals think they own the patent on, but even though he was forceful in itemizing what he would do, he still came off as "me too."

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