The Polls According To Carville

The Polls According To Carville
I've said you can't trust the polls. That doesn't mean they aren't right, it only means that because of the bias, we can't assume that anything is true. In a way that's good – it means you have to never stop trying. It means you can't let up. it means you can't allow negatives to get the best of you.
I look around and I see so many things that are wrong with Obama and the Democrats that I can't believe the majority of Americans are missing them, or that they don't care. It's true that many didn't care about Clinton's negatives, but they weren't anywhere near the majority. And Clinton's shady background hadn't even come out in '92.
So even polls that show Obama leading by a significant amount need to be discounted. That's the good news. But along comes James Carville, that turtle lookin' in a half-shell liberal, with an interesting twist. He says, in essence, that if Obama loses after having had a significant lead in the polls, that there will be hell to pay. I suppose that means, at its worst, that blacks will be destroying their own neighborhoods again.
But what's interesting is that if Obama loses after skewed polls show a large lead for him, the media itself will have been responsible for the ensuing turmoil. They will literally have created the monster storm that would likely turn many white people off, people who would have been otherwise sympathetic.
It would be the latest example of how liberal irresponsibility – through lies, distortions, stirring the racial pot… and giving false hope all comes back to bite their own constituents.
One thing conservatives are very good at is not overreacting to disappointment. When they lose, they bide their time and try again. They have no overblown expectations, so when the worst happens, about all they do is whine to their peers. And strangely, we have the media to thank for that.
I don't know what a conservative riot would even look like, but I picture the area strewn with pocket protectors.

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