Palin Criticism Not Rooted In Anything

According to Advanced Nutrients co-founder Michael Straumietis, hydroponics is the hidden success story of Alaskan agriculture, a story that Palin needs to fully acknowledge:

Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin needs to fully disclose the full story on how hydroponics vegetables and fruits are increasingly important to voters in Alaska and nationwide.

According to hydroponics industry leaders Evegeniy Stefanov Yordanov, Michael Straumietis, and Robert Charles Higgins, Palin has so far refused to admit that Alaska relies heavily on commercial and amateur hydroponics gardeners to provide fresh produce for Alaskans.


Higgins exclaims. "Alaskans are excited about Palin and about hydroponics."

And Straumietis adds: "Given that Alaska's outdoor climate is really too harsh for reliable outdoor farming, hydroponics is becoming the number one agricultural trend in Alaska, whether or not Palin and McCain are elected in 2008."

What's next, they accuse Palin of failing to mention that she shot a moose in her pajamas?


Hat tip: James Taranto

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