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I just remembered what set me off on the idea that Palin was going to be a disaster in the debate. It was when she blamed the financial crisis on "Wall Street greed." I didn't expect her to come out and repudiate McCain, and I understand how this line was politically beneficial, but it made me think that I was wrong in hoping she would be a moderating force on McCain.

However, today, Sarah Palin virtually demanded that McCain send her to Michigan to win the State – "I wanna try!" so there's still hope.

On the other hand, McCain said today that he would make Al Gore a consultant on climate change.

Here's a guy who really doesn't want to win

Also, I was upset when Palin enthusiastically embraced cap-and-trade.

There were fourteen supposed lies Biden told last night.

The one I caught was Biden's claim that Obama had not said he'd talk directly with Ahmadinejad.

The TV audience for the debate was huge… and it's not because of Biden.

The bad news is that apparently CNN had the largest audience, and their "analysts" thought Biden "gave the performance of a lifetime."


Rich Lowry just reminded me that I nearly lost my mind when, after Biden excoriated McCain for always pushing "deregulation," Palin didn't counter with, "Deregulation doesn't mean NO regulation. It means that the various markets should determine what choices people get to spend their money on, not the government. Government should see that it operates cleanly and fairly and otherwise, get out of the way."

Now I do believe she made mention of something similar at a later time, but Biden's charge went unanswered at the time.

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  1. TedWest says:

    I don't find him ugly… sickeningly phony, sure, but not ugly, at least not since he moved his hair around.

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