Incredibly Good Palin – Incredibly Bad Biden

Sarah Palin sat for an interview today with Carl Cameron of Fox News, and she was something beyond terrific. Catch in on the repeat of Brit Hume's Special Report. A discussion of her and Biden follows a little later in the program.

Regarding Biden, as Charles Krauthammer put it, "If Biden is the sage of Delaware, a man who knows all about foreign affairs, his attack on the Bush policy in the Middle East had about seven errors in 60 seconds," Fred Barnes stated that if Sarah Palin had made even a "few of the egregious errors that Biden did, she'd be off the ticket." Krauthammer agreed.

That Biden won't be asked to leave is either testament to the Obama campaign's confidence that the media will provide cover and/or it provides insight into the quality of the Democrat candidates themselves.

Krauthammer was mildly critical of Palin for "not knowing enough" to counter Biden's errors, but in fact, they went by so fast that I didn't hear them either. For example, apparently Biden had Hamas winning the election in the West Bank when it didn't. It won in Gaza. With the pressure Palin was under, no one could reasonably expect her to have caught such a seemingly small matter. It only became large – huge – when you consider who said it, but again, had it been Palin, the media would have lit up with mocking criticism about her ignorance and inexperience.

So when you consider Biden's experience, he should immediately resign both his VP candidacy and from his committee chair.

And then seriously consider killing himself for the good of the country? THAT would be patriotic! 

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