McCain Is A Fraud

John McCain has been promising to bring change to Washington, but when presented with a golden opportunity to actually do it, he has demurred.

And he appears to be restraining others from doing so. With House Republicans poised to maintain an historic resistance against the status quo, McCain and the Republicans leadership (read: George Bush) are undermining them. The Democrats are right, McCain's election would be a Bush third term.

Today, Rush Limbaugh characterized the situation thusly: The "Republicans have been thrown a series of hanging curve balls" and they have been caught looking at every one. Perhaps because I've actually played organized baseball only I and a few others can fully appreciate how awful it is, both personally and in terms of team morale, to stand and watch a third strike go by.

McCain refuses to assign blame, he won't name a single name, he continues to talk up bipartisanship, and he seems utterly clueless that there are alternatives to this bailout fiasco. Donald Trump has said he's for McCain. Perhaps McCain should consult with him.

And yesterday we learned that Gwen Ifill, the moderator in tomorrow's Vice-Presidential debate, has written a book in which she not only praised Barack Obama, she put his name in the title. And Ifill has previously criticized Palin on air several times. So since no liberal ever does the right thing, McCain should demand she step down, Right?

Well, a short while ago, McCain not only refused to call for Ifill to recuse herself, he actually praised her and said he was sure she'd be fair as the debate moderator. I will spare you from any having to read any of his disgusting comment.

So does this sound like a guy who will stand up for you and against powerful members of Congress?

John McCain has said he'd rather lose an election than lose a war Correct and noble.

But clearly, McCain would rather lose an election than one of his Congressional cronies.

Some hero.

By the way, Ifill tripped and broke her ankle yesterday while, as the AP put it, preparing for the debate, but "her doctors" have cleared her to participate. So even if you won't judge her, Senator McCain, perhaps someone else has sent her and you a message?

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