QUICK, Somebody Lend Me $700 Billion!

QUICK, Somebody Lend Me $700 Billion!

So they defeated it for now. Big deal, Republicans are already talking bipartisanship again. And to think that when I heard the vote result, I thought Republicans had been on the Fosamax diet. No such luck.

McCain snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last Friday, will Republicans do that with the bailout – or "buy in" if you're a Pelosi liberal ( the worst of the worst).

At the same time they were preparing to vote, Rush Limbaugh was performing perhaps his greatest public service yet, he was playing clips of congressional Democrats from years past who were saying that Fannie and Freddie were just fine. Beyond that, they were classifying the warnings by regulators and attempts to impose controls as racist.

In other words, as most of you already know, Democrats are solely responsible for this mess. So can you imagine the outrage when Pelosi took to the microphone immediately before the vote and blamed it all on Bush and Republicans? It was that far more than Republican backbone that derailed the vote.

Can it get worse?

How about the fact that while all this is going on, McCain is out talking about earmarks?

You want worse yet?

Here's a quote from a AP report this morning:

"Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Sunday he probably would have voted for legislation to keep the federal government running after midweek, even though it was packed with the kind of 'outrageous pork-barrel spending' he has long opposed."


"I certainly would have done everything in my power to remove those earmarks, but I may have voted for it if, I probably would have ended up voting for it, but I decry a system where individual members are, are faced with taking all this unacceptable, outrageous stuff that has contributed to the largest growth in spending since the Great Society."

So when do you not vote for it, Senator? was there ever a better time not to?

We must assume that if elected, McCain won't be voting, he''ll be signing. Which reminds me, what's sign language for "bite me?"

Meanwhile, Liberals are always expressing concerned for the poor and working class, and demonizing the rich. yet everything they do hurts the less well-off… EVERYTHING. Then when the chickens come home to roost, they blame everyone else and fill the relief legislation with more spending.

The truth is, it's now literally the case that the people who caused the crisis are demanding your money to fix it.

Nice guys… maybe we should call the Kellycrats and welcome them whenever they're in town?!?

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