Rottenest Ad Ran By Rottenest Man

I'm sure you've heard Barack Obama speak of unity – how he was going to bring people together? But can you offer a single example of him every having done that?

A while back, I likened Obama's followers to the Nazi movement in the 1930s, and the other day, Thomas Sowell spread that idea nationally when he did the same. With no intent to diminish Dr. Sowell whatsoever because I can say things that he can't, he was only referring to the fervor the Obama campaign was generating.

I was including the thuggery.

I don't recall all the particulars that led me to do that, but I used the keyword "thug" on at least a couple of entries when I was struck by how Obama's merry men reminded me of the brilliant way the Nazi advancement was depicted in the movie Cabaret – intimidation, low-level violence, and a constant stoking of hatred of the Jews.

And the Nazis didn't even have a willing media to assist them, I don't believe, though if I'm wrong, current events become even more eerie.

In just the last few weeks, we've seen a Chicago radio stalwart subjected to intimidation by the Obama corps, we've seen teams dispatched to dig up dirt, and where they didn't find any, to manufacture it on a Vice Presidential candidate. We've seen her and her family smeared and subjected to scrutiny the likes of which has never before even been approached. We've seen ABC blatantly try to discredit her (luckily, it was almost as clumsy as Dan Rather's attempt to destroy George Bush), and we saw Obama himself launch an ad that ridiculed a disabled war hero over something that was of no consequence whatsoever. Not to mention that it was a lie.

And when asked directly if he would (in light of the fact that John McCain's injuries prevented him from accessing the Internet the way you or I do), still stand by the ad. The Messiah indignantly said that he wouldn't pull it.

That's the key to all of this… Obama, through all of it, has issued but one vague denouncement which he did under duress which his face clearly showed as he tried to get the words out, and he did so only because the attacks on Sarah Palin were coming so fast and so furious that, for him not to do so, it was likely his campaign would have been held responsible… as it should.

Now, in the last twenty-four to forty-eight hours Obama's tactics, the intimidation, the stoking of hatred, has exploded onto the scene.

First there was the second round of intimidation at WGN radio in Chicago, and now Governor Palin's email has been hacked, and amazingly, it was the same ABC* who was less concerned about the criminal act than it was about the "disclosure" that Palin might have been sending personal email through a government account. ABC also refused to turn over to investigators any information it had that might be relevant to the search and prosecution of the perpetrators.

But then even all that has been topped by Obama's own ad directed at Mexicans and claiming that John McCain is their enemy. In it, Obama took quotes by Rush Limbaugh out of context to make his vile point.

Throughout his campaign, Obama had sought to inject race whenever possible, but there's been nothing as in-your-face as this latest attempt. There's no subtlety, it's the man himself stirring the racism pot directly, and the distorted quotes by Rush Limbaugh were done purposefully since there is no mistaking their original intent when read or heard in context. Basta, bastard!

Over at one site where Obama's followers were discussing the matter, not one comment I read had any concern about the ad itself, their only focus was on Limbaugh first, and then McCain and how, in essence, any means were acceptable in bringing them down.

I'll never forget the face of the old man in the beer garden in Cabaret who didn't know what to make of it all, and I wondered, did he live long enough to find out?

And thus, welcome to the Obamanazi Movement. Of course, there's still time to stop it, but even if that happens and McCain wins, it will linger – for four years or eight, and I can only see it growing even more intense.

Oh the irony that a Hitler impersonator could be black! There's diversity for ya.


*Correction: It was the AP, not ABC if that matters to you.

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4 Responses to Rottenest Ad Ran By Rottenest Man

  1. TedWest says:

    I wrote it quickly, from memory. I actually couldn't sleep last night thinking about what all this means and where it could lead. Here's something that fleshes it all out better – and scarier…

  2. Jordan says:

    Obama's "denouncements" have become so old and meaningless as those of other demagogues.His racism knows no boundaries. The man who portrayed himself as above politics, race and factions has, in fact, demonstrated quite the opposite.As for AP refusing to turn over information to investigators about who hacked into Gov. Palin's personal email account, would you imagine if it had happened to a liberal? Any liberal. Not only all the dem hacks would have been outraged, but they would have demanded an investigation, papers turned over, insinuated that President Bush was behind it and that heads would have rolled.Also, isn't it hypocritical for the media to obstruct justice and then demand to be in the thick of every presidential's decision-making and top-secret information with the pretext that it's owed to the american people?I have been disgusted with the msm since the 2000 election and subsequent one, however now it's gone way overboard and should be stopped.

  3. Please ask Hillary about the firing of the White House Travel Office staff and the missing Rose Law Firm billing records that eventually turned up in the White House. Thanks!

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