The “Inexperience” Obama Needs

Upon hearing that John McCain had named Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, what would you do as the "hope and change, trans-racial, unity seeking" opponent? Would you:

A) Compliment him on his choice and say that you looked forward to a lively and spirited campaign?


B) Criticize McCain and Palin and dismiss her as "more of the same?"

Obama, acting exactly like the punk he is, and with Joe Biden at his side (Foot and Mouth), couldn't find an ounce of magnanimity within himself.

Even more amazing was having his campaign staff criticize Palin for her alleged inexperience.

Obama's complete lack of grace was certainly the result of panic. He felt he needed to say something in an attempt to counter what was sure to be overwhelmingly positive initial publicity, and he was caught without a teleprompter.

Moreover, he had probably already prepared a general comment in anticipation of McCain's pick being a Romney or Pawlenty. How else to explain the disconnect in awkwardly describing Palin as more of the same?

Since the choice of Governor Palin was a surprise to everyone, it's also likely that Obama was unaware of her background, and as a result, he blurted out an insulting non-sequitur and invited comparison to his own appalling lack of experience. For her part, Palin had just demonstrated that she was an inspiring speaker, and the details of her life and career indicate that she's 180 degrees from being an advocate of the status quo. She's a fighter and a doer of dynamic proportions. Just listening to what she'd done in such a short amount of time left me in need of a nap.

And the enthusiasm and excitement Palin generated were real, not the sort that is manufactured by liberals that manifests itself in overly-effusive praise for a candidate who merits little if any.

Obama's single major qualification: he's black.

Palin has demonstrated competence in running a government and fighting corruption. Incredibly, this small town mayor took on her own party and defeated the sitting Republican governor. Now she's challenging Big Oil in an attempt to get a pipeline built to serve her State's and the nation's energy needs.

Forget about Erin Brockovich, Palin's accomplishments against waste, fraud and abuse dwarf the stories movies are made of.

So how is it then that some are saying McCain's choice mutes the GOP's ability to focus on Obama's inexperience? On the contrary, it shines a cold bright light not only on Obama's inexperience, but also on the fact that he has precisely none while audaciously seeking the world's highest office. And Palin offers evidence that limited experience need not be an obstacle when it's the right kind, it gets results, and the office one is seeking is of significantly lesser importance.

It also exposes Obama's "vision" as mere fantasy insofar as, even if it has merit, there is literally no evidence that he has any ability to see it through to a successful conclusion.

Palin's actual accomplishments in the job of mayor aside, her experience at that small town post is far more relevant than any experience Obama can show on his resume. Even the fact that Palin hunts moose is a heftier qualification than what Obama offers.

Whom would you rather have, a -President- with delusions of grandeur and not the slightest track record in implementing a single program, but who will nevertheless rush headlong into implementing his plans with only the art of speculation at his disposal in assessing the eventual outcome?

Or would you prefer a -Vice President- who already has considerable executive experience and an admirable track record in both business and government, and who will be learning and forming her own vision based on her participation in the programs and policies of her President?

So when the Obama camp asks if you really want someone a heartbeat away from the Presidency who has little experience, they either have no realization of the comparison they are inviting or they're just plain stupid.

We know what experience Obama will bring to the Oval Office if he is lucky enough to occupy it next January, and it won't be materially more than the 140 odd, and I mean very odd, days he served as a Senator prior to, in essence, abandoning his seat to run for President.

And we've seen the shocking gaffes and naivet̩ as a result of his lack of experience, not to mention his arrogance and complete disinterest in details Рfrom saying he'd invade Pakistan and allow genocide in order to get our troops out of Iraq, to saying that Iran is a tiny country that poses little threat to us, to placing himself on Senate committees of which he wasn't, and had never been, a member.

To call whatever experience Obama has had substantive much less applicable to being the President and Commander-in-Chief of the world's most powerful country would be merely laughable if it didn't have gravely serious real-life implications.

And that's if Obama were pure of heart and had only the best interests of America and its allies in mind, something that I don't believe for a minute. He's already had too many "deals" to suit me with pastors, terrorists, slumlords, and God knows who else.

And by the way, do you think Barack Obama imagines that he has more experience than he actually has?

That's another thing you can say about Sarah Palin – her experience and accomplishments are not a product of anyone's imagination. They're dynamic. Furthermore, even with the immensely more and better quality experience Palin has compared to Obama, she was apparently too humble, too practical, and too realistic to think it qualified her to seek the Presidency.

But if John McCain were unable to serve out his term, Sarah Palin, right now today, has infinitely more of the proper sort of experience to take the reins as President than Obama does. And each day she will have served as Vice President will add to that experience. Filling the then vacant position of Vice President with an infinitely better version of Joe Biden would be a relatively simple task.

So the GOP should continue to hit Obama hard on his pitiful resume and force the comparisons with Sarah Palin. Will the Dems really want to debate that issue? After watching Sarah Palin's acceptance speech for a second time last night, I found it had lost none of its initial power, and I'm reasonably certain she's prepared to deal with liberal lightweights after dealing with and dispatching her own party's heavyweights.

Still, I want to be clear that Palin is an unknown, even if we already know much more about her than we do about Barack Obama, and so there's only one thing I can say about Sarah Palin with any real degre of certainty, and it's that she's the greatest Vice Presidential pick in the history of the Republic!

Well that, and also that she's our first pin-up politician.

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