Obama Speaks, Andrea Mitchell’s Water Breaks

I didn't see it, but apparently Barack-O had his lips handed to him by John McCain over the weekend at the Rick Warren conference.

I couldn't watch because I can't stand having to endure even a glimpse of Obama's hideous face anymore, and I'd rather listen to a cat screeching while running my fingernails down a blackboard than to hear Bobo's voice, but that's just me, I know.

So the one clip everyone's talking about, and which I have heard, has the uniquely repulsive Bobo explaining that he doesn't know at what point a life becomes a life because such a determination is "above my pay grade."

No elaboration required by me… or him.

Except… did he know the nature of the event he was attending?

And I didn't hear this, but apparently Bobo criticized Clarence Thomas for a lack of experience? That's an impressive display of the audacity of audacity if ever there was one. So if he did say it, I'm now formally prepared to declare that Obama's our first candidate for President who's also a punk.

But the best part of all this didn't even happen at the conference. It happened on Meet The Press, and if you thought there was a small earthquake on Sunday morning, it was just Tim Russert turning in his grave. Because on the program, Andrea Mitchell was "merely speculating" that McCain either had advance knowledge of Warren's questions or he heard Bobo's answers because McCain came off as – so well prepared.

Or in other words, Bobo was a Dodo. And poor old Andrea was just trying to carry the Dems' water when it broke all over her like that scene from Flashdance.

I'll pause here and give you time to picture that.

See, Warren put the same questions to each candidate and B.O. went first. McCain was in the green room without a monitor. Bobo's people are now alleging that the monitor he was without was human rather than electronic, not based on any evidence, but merely because McCain answered the questions so much better when it was his turn.

This, of course, plays into my theory that whenever a Democrat charges a Republican with… well.. anything, it's not true, and you know when I say that, I'm no fan of Republicans. It's just that of the two parties, Republicans are the adults. In fact, they should change the names to the Adult Party and the Children's Party.

I said a while back that Obama is 46 and acts like a sixteen-year-old, but this latest charge – that McCain won so he must have cheated – is one a seven-year-old would make.

And that's exactly what we've been witnessing – a guy (I won't call Obama a man) reverting to form – the restyling of the Presidential seal being the most visible example of it. The reason this is so concerning is, of course, that we could possibly have the first boy-leader since what, King Tut? And if I had to choose, I'd take Tut – in his present state!?!

So Besides being the Rottenest Man Who Ever Ran, Bobo could be the first Punk President, and if you disagree, you're the rottenest citizen there ever was.

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