Bobo NoNo

Last week, Bobo Obama said the single stupidest thing ever uttered in any campaign in the history of the universe – that if people would just inflate their tires, we'd save as much oil as we could gain from new drilling.

You don't have to know anything about oil, cars, or air to understand how patently absurd that is. In fact, "patently absurd" is charitable when you consider that Bobo is a Harvard grad and the smartest half-black person on the planet.

Then Barama goes and compounds his idiocy this week by a factor of infinity, saying that all the experts agree with him – no, not that his stunningly stupid, but that we can save all the oil we need to save if people would just make sure they weren't driving around on flat tires. James Taranto said of Bobo's advice – his "answer to inflation is inflation."

And if we assume that Bobo is right and every expert on tire pressure does agree with him, what does that say about experts?

Basically it says what I've been saying – that an expert's opinion doesn't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

I knew this day would come, folks, I just never thought it would be this soon.

For decades, wackos like Bobo have been saying amazingly stupid things about the environment, the economy, planetary warming, and probably every other thing their tiny minds cause them to talk about, and people have basically been too busy living their lives to notice, so when you asked the average guy. it was "environment=good, oil companies – bad…

Until "green" choices and restrictions began to materially affect people in their pocketbooks. Suddenly, drilling in "pristine" areas=good, Bobo-like pronouncements – bad. And it goes a lot further than that.

Did you see where Whole Foods earnings are way down? That's because people are discovering that there's no economic justification for the cost of organic tomatoes any more than there's economic justification for organic Bobos. Both are luxuries we can't afford, and the fluffiest sort of luxuries at that.

So people are turning their backs on the environmental wackos, the warmalarmists, biofuels, and pretty much (hopefully) anything that isn't material to a decent life. Hopefully, the only place you'll see the wackos in years to come is in zoos.

There's a delightful article out of England today about all of this. It basically says that the free market is the best environmental regulator, and incentives from government rather than punishments, taxes and restrictions are what's needed for a free people to regulate their own environment.

Meanwhile, back in America, Bobo was apparently addressing a question from a 7-year-old girl, and I say "apparently" because I've only heard Rush Limbaugh reporting on this, and he only played Bobo's response, not the little brat's question, which leaves open the possibility that there are mitigating circumstances. But it's worth reporting because even if Bobo wasn't directly and immediately responding to the kid, what he said is noteworthy in itself.

Wacko Baracko, apparently in response to a child's hopeful question about why he's running for President, didn't say that he's doing it because he loves his country or anything that would cause a young girl's heart to soar, he tells her that he's running because America isn't what it once was.

That's right, young lady, your country SUCKS! I'm going to try to save it for you.

So when was it better, Bobo? Every little girl and her parents want to know.

If this doesn't convince you that Obama is the Rottenest Man Who Ever Ran, you're the rottenest citizen there ever was.

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3 Responses to Bobo NoNo

  1. Bobo knows how to insult his audiance, but who ever said that left-liberals could think.

  2. TedWest says:

    As Paxton so well demonstrated right here!?

  3. Yes, not to mention Al Gore and his phoney Global Warming Crusade. If they weren't so damn funny I'd cry. 😉

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