Bam Bam Boo Boo

Yesterday, in his second press conference in as many days, this one in Israel, and otherwise known as the Bam Bam and Zippy Show, Obama, with Tzipi Livni (look it up) at his side, attempted to assure Israel that he was with them with respect to Iran and its quest to obtain nuclear weapons. And in doing so, he committed the most serious misstep of the campaign.

Some are calling it a gaffe, but I won't because that assumes he unconsciously stated something he would have known was in error if he'd given it a thought – you know, like his 57 States gaffe, which personally, I also don't think was a gaffe because how delirious do you have to be to not know how many States we have? Let's see, there's solid, liquid, and gas… which best describes Bobo, I know, but stay with me here.

So you probably know by now that Obama said he was on the Senate Banking Committee, which he is not, and he claimed that committee, "which is my committee," voted to impose financial restraints on Iran..

But surely he must know that he's not on that committee, you say? Well, consider that quote again. It was not an afterthought, it was a deliberate statement. in other words, he was fully conscious of what he was saying. So either he doesn't know what committees he's on, or he figured you're so stupid and the media is so in the tank that he was fully insulated from any repercussions.

And indeed, that's the case. My local paper reported the misstatement – inside the paper… with a headline that not only made no reference to perhaps the most egregious error since Gerald Ford claimed Poland was not under Soviet control. The headline actually referred to what I said above – that Obama assures Israel of his support.

So yesterday, instead of addressing what Obama said, CBS online carried a column in which the writers were appalled at McCain's errors. It was blatantly obvious that they wanted to cast doubt on McCain's mental fitness, and it was followed by the latest display of liberal bigotry in the form of many juvenile and hateful comments from their loony audience.

Such a disgrace. This election is showing the true character of liberals and it makes the sickening displays of support for the Clinton-Lewinsky Show look quaint in comparison. And make no mistake, it's not just some liberals. It's all of them. because any that have any principles have now left the building.

Back in the seventies, we used to look at the tension between people in Quebec and the rest of Canada and as it turns out, that was nothing compared to what's happening in America today. Obama could win in the biggest landslide ever, and I would still do everything I could to undermine him. And there is nothing he could do now to change that. He had his chance a while back, and he made another conscious choice – to be the Rottenest Man Who Ever Ran.

*  *  *

I've seen two take-offs on Kennedy's famous words from his Berlin speech which were themselves a gaffe because Ich bin ein Berliner apparently has Kennedy saying he's a donut, but hey, he was on a roll, ha-ha. Anyway, with Bobo about to speak truth to Germans, it's been suggested that he incorporate either or the following into his speech: "Ich bin ein Berlitzer" or "Ich bin ein beginner."

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