Air Pollution Never Smelled So Sweet

A federal appeals court struck down the regulatory cornerstone of the Bush administration’s efforts at controlling air pollution on Friday, agreeing with the utility industry that the Environmental Protection Agency had exceeded its authority when it established the 2005 Clean Air Interstate Rule.

Here's the glorious part:

John Walke, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Counsel: “As a result of today… the Bush administration has failed to achieve a single ounce in reductions of smog, soot, mercury or global warming pollution from power plants.”

But of course, all is not rosy. In fact, something is downright disturbing… I didn't know this, did you…?

… a few electric companies flatly opposed the regulation, but most generally favored it because it included cap-and-trade provisions that allow them to exceed the limits on emissions and buy credits from those who do.

William M. Bumpers, a lawyer representing Entergy Corp, apparently the Carl Sagan of energy: “The power-generating industry had already invested billions and billions of dollars in anticipation of the trading market. They’re not happy with this development.”

My electric rates went up a lot this year. I thought it was due to the cost of fuel. Now it appears we're already paying for all the "climate change" nonsense.

Which reminds me, have you shot a warmist today? Hunting season is now year 'round, you know?!?

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  1. Hip hip houray! Hip hip houray! Hip hip houray! 🙂

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