The Obama Perfidy

His wife is angry, his minister is furious, and through it all, Barack Obama preaches hope and change with soaring words and a bright smile.

But is he speaking about his own circumstances? Does he fervently hope that the people who surround him will change once he's President? Obama pledges to unite us. All I can't say is, "Uniter, unite thyself!" Reconcile your message with that of your wife who claims America is just plain mean. Then please show us how your pastor's hatred of race and country meshes with your plans for change.

Today Obama "denounced" the vitriolic hate his Reverend Wright has showered on his congregation for God knows how many years, but we know that Obama himself heard that message for decades and has probably subjected his children to it.

Can anyone say, "Child abuse?"

This isn't just a case of bad judgment, this is disqualifying. Obama's long time membership in this Church simply cannot be accounted for satisfactorily. And that's not just because he took too long to reject the hate, it's because by his wife's utterances, we realize that he himself has he signed on to them.

Does Obama have to believe that our government knew of an imminent Pearl Harbor attack or that  it's guilty of genocide for unleashing AIDS on its populace? Not at all. I'm quite reasonably sure he doesn't. But Obama let such ideas go unchallenged, and as a result, they not only fester today, but they are proliferating. If you don't see my point, just turn it around and imagine Obama denouncing his minister not today, but at the time. That would have been the courageous thing to do. That would have furthered Obama's message of hope – assuming the minister and the congregation didn't denounce him, which is anything but unthinkable.

So rejecting his pastor's words now is too little, too late, and it's not even believable. Obama must now renounce himself for being an enabler of this most hideous member of the clergy… and then get out. He's no longer unfit to be President because he's inexperienced, he's unfit to be President because he has tacitly subscribed to a message of hate

People are trying to liken things that several preacher supporters of McCain have said to the situation Obama now finds himself in, but McCain didn't sit in their presence for twenty years, and if he had sat in their audience even once, there's little doubt he'd have left immediately upon hearing anything so hateful and rejected such preachings categorically.

But here's the key: it's very hard to imagine that McCain would ever have found himself in the presence of such a bigot as Wright is, much less sit there and listen to someone say, "God damn America," followed by rambling and sustained stupidity.

Today, when Fox News reporter Major Garrett asked the Obama campaign if he intended to denounce Wright, Garrett got back a one word answer – "No." Hours later, Obama was doing just that – obviously owing to political expediency. So you know the panic is running high now

But as Charles Krauthammer says, "This isn't a problem, this is a scandal… it could be a cancer."

This is a sad day if it results in Hillary becoming the Democrat nominee, but Barack Obama is no longer too good to be true, he's too bad to be true… to America.

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4 Responses to The Obama Perfidy

  1. TedWest says:

    There is absolutely no way Obama could not have been aware of his pastor's outrageous comments until recently as the Senator alleges. It can only be true that Obama just realized they're outrageous. Even if Obama wasn't there for any of the many dastardly statements, it's impossible that he didn't hear of some of them.
    And as an American Thinker editorial says: "People stay in churches for 20 years because they agree with the pastor's philosophy. When they disagree, they leave…"
    Also, my wife and I were talking and I said, can you ever imagine a Catholic priest saying "God damn anything?" She said, "And not just from the pulpit during mass… anywhere."
    That's it. And then there were the parishioners all cheering the scumbag reverend on…? And black woman on O'Reilly said, "A lot of people believe the sort of things the reverend was saying," and O'Reilly simply replied, "Oh, I know." But in fact, one of the reasons they believe things like this is because people like Wright espouse such things and encourage weak-minded people to believe them.
    Lastly, it was Obama's church who put these video's out. In other words, they were proud of them, and they saw them as representative of the best their church has to offer.

  2. Like the Love Canal- the truth seeps out.

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