Democrats So Deserve This

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of racists…

Identity politics is finally bringing its just desserts to the Democratic Party, and as a result, those of us on the outside are treated to a delightful spectacle, the likes of which we've never seen before.

Liberals were gleeful each time Bill Clinton slipped through unscathed after seemingly being in a Republican career death grip, and they applauded as he flaunted laws and used deceit and the power of his office to foil those who sought to uphold the rule of law.

Those same people aren't so gleeful now, as they see the heavy hand of the Clintons try to, as they see it, manipulate the nomination process in favor of Hillary. No matter than Clinton would be the better candidate (I didn't say "good"), they see the Clinton campaign not in political terms, but in racial terms, and the victim of Hillary's racism as not just Barack Obama, but all liberal people of color.

And it's important to say "liberal," because black Republicans feel neither victimized nor insulted. At least they haven't said so, and that's because blacks attain their standing in the Republican Party based more on ability than color.

Republicans welcome blacks into their fold, but not because, as some may think, they are pandering, but because Republicans are pleased when each black individual sheds the yoke of race and embraces individuality.

Back on the Democratic side, Barack Obama whines about the allegedly racist comments of Geraldine Ferrare while at the same time attending and contributing to a church for twenty years pastored by a overt racist who specifically urges his flock to vote Obama because white America is bad.

As Obama decries Ferraro whose comments, by the way, were not the least bit racist, he not only fails to denounce Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he has him as a campaign advisor, and those blacks the reverend exhorts to support Obama have been voting for him nine to one, and no one will call that racist.

Yet not only would Obama not be a candidate were he not somewhat black, but blacks are voting for him because he is. What a lovely quilt the Dems have patched together.

Perhaps this is ultimately why more blacks haven't migrated to the Republican camp – they likely, hopefully, won't be able to maintain their group identity and won't be catered to as a block.

That's the very kind of thing that is good for America.

Meanwhile, I urge you to just sit back and enjoy this election season's featured presentation titled: Eliot Comes To Harlot.


Update: O'Reilly had more tape of this so-called reverend tonight, and it was far more shocking than the initial clips I saw. Wright even blames the government, presumably our government, for creating AIDS.

Catch the replay. Obama has plenty of explaining to do about why he's been a loyal follower of this guy for decades – something he won't be able to do satisfactorily. I mean, can you think of any suitable justification?

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  1. Pass the popcorn! 🙂

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