The Limbaugh-Ingraham Experiment

You may have heard that Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham were urging their listeners to vote Clinton in Ohio and Texas in hopes of continuing the chaos in the Democratic Party.

But as Hillary told Fox News, "Be careful what you wish for, Rush." And for his part, Limbaugh was already backing off his own urging last Monday, after apparently having realizd that if there were to be a President Clinton, there might be a Limbaugh Flambé.

Well, keep hope alive, it worked. Now you've done it, Rush, you've forced me to add to my Simple Rules I Don't Have To Follow List:

1) If you're a woman, don't marry and Arab

2) When you have a chance to deal the Clintons a knockout punch, you take it!

The thinking among most conservatives is that Hillary is easier to beat, and indeed, Karl Rove produced a chart last night that Showed McCain easily beating her State by State, while he would likely lose to Obama if the election were held now.

But that fails to take at least two important things into account:

1) Obama is vulnerable to criticism. he couldn't even answer elementary questions from the press the other day, and then he whined about it afterward, There's so much he hasn't done or failed to do, and there's so much he's said that's ridiculous and dangerous that the general electorate isn't aware of that once he's called to account, he's going to have a very difficult time. Obama has a glass jaw.

2) For all the hype and hysteria surrounding and accompanying Obama, you'd expect he'd be invincible. Yet he only leads Clinton by a hundred delegates and he can't even win big States in his own party. So you get the idea – his support may be far less than it appears.

And some of that support was on display this morning, again on Fox News. They went to Ohio University and interviewed his "youth vote" – idiots to a man… er… person. Literally not a single one knew anything much about his record or his plans. Now they won't care once it becomes well known that Obama has neither, but real Americans will

And by the way, wouldn't it be delightful to witness these students receive a big dose of good old American disillusionment en masse instead of having to experience it individually, in private, as we all did?

Hillary, on the other hand, can't go lower.She's hit rock bottom and is now on the way up again. That's good news for Republicans? I didn't like what Limbaugh was doing in exhorting Republicans to vote for her, and I like it a whole lot less today.

Republicans certainly didn't win Ohio for Hillary, but they may have won her Texas, and so she's still in the race. The numbers are against her, but where there's a will, there's a way, and the Clintons always have the first and usually find the other.

And as I've been saying, an Obama-Clinton ticket is less likely than a Clinton-Obama ticket, and the latter seems very formidable.

Dem analyst, Kirsten Powers said Clinton-Obama that might be too much change for the electorate to accept, and she could be right, but if I'm right, we could have sixteen years of horror whereas if Obama took Hillary as his VP, at worst, we'd probably have only eight.

Then again, knowing Hillary, she just might want to have another go at it at age 68… just in case, anybody got any age progression software?

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