How Dumb Are Democrats?

You can't make it up, but what's always interesting to me is that liberals, as we've seen right here on Vox, never never tire of having their intelligence insulted by their counterparts on the national scene. i mean, have you ever had a liberal tell you he's embarrassed by Ted Kennedy? Or Robert Byrd? Or Howard Dean? Or…

John Kerry, the current American record holder for Stupid Stuff, and he's adding to his record:

The junior idiot from Massachusetts, as you may know, is an Obama supporter, and he labeled Hillary's 3am ad a a "fear tactic." To clarify, Kirsten Powers, a Democrat operative, said the ad was the sort of thing Republicans run, but she said that as a positive for Hillary, adding that the ad didn't hurt her and may have helped her.

Kerry elaborated, saying that Clinton had never faced such a crisis.

OK so far?

Kerry continues. He told Wolf Blitzer: "The fact is that she had a red phone moment, as Barack Obama said… Her red phone moment was on the war in Iraq, and she chose the Bush course, the wrong course."

I know I don't need to go on, but I will for the benefit of any liberals who may read this.

John Kerry has made a career of choosing the "wrong course," and since he's nothing if not consistent, which way do you think he voted on Iraq? That's right, he and Hillary up in a tree…

Now what makes this story even better is, as related by James Taranto, a Gloria Steinem has a quote about Kerry too, and it was a little different from her recent comment on John McCain.

Steinem from 2004: "I'm supporting Kerry… As a man who knows what war is like, he has tended to be more restrained in his willingness to wage it."

Bear in mind that Steinem said that -after- Kerry's Iraq vote, and in fact, after Iraq "went terribly wrong."

And the guy who knows what war is like, thought it was the right thing for him to vote "yea" on Iraq, but regards it as a big mistake for Hillary? I'd love to hear that explanation…. "I voted FOR the war before I decided against it?"

I'm kidding about wanting to hear from Kerry… just seeing him makes me think Hillary's almost human by comparison.

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2 Responses to How Dumb Are Democrats?

  1. John Kerry could have married Jackie Kennedy but for the fact that he didn't have enough money.

  2. TedWest says:

    As long as we're talking "could haves," I'd have voted for him ifor President if he could have been shot in Dallas! Or even Dulles?

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