Is Limbaugh Trying To Elect McCain?

I made a point of tuning in Rush today because of the Dole Letter, and at first, I was surprised at what I was hearing. I didn't think the letter would cause Limbaugh to do an about-face, but I didn't expect him to step up hostilities.

Lambasting McCain for most of the first hour, Limbaugh brought up everything including the kitchen sink to use against the Senator, and I'm happy to report that the majority of it was accurate… which is to say, much of what Limbaugh was accusing McCain of was either not accurate or not the whole story.

It seems to me that a lot of conservatives can only see things from their perspective. They can't fathom that something may appear one way and be another. For example, Dole said in his letter that John McCain has supported conservative issues on every important vote. I've heard that flatly denied by Hannity and Limbaugh  The problem is, they didn't hear what Dole was writing. Either that or they didn't read what Dole was saying.

For example, and this is something everyone can understand, McCain is accused of not supporting the Bush tax cuts, which he didn't. But what's overlooked is his support wasn't critical. So Bush got his cuts, and McCain bolstered his reputation as fiscally responsible. But conservatives only see McCain as a traitor. Dole was saying that he remembered McCain as being supporting of Republicans whenever his vote was critical.

Now it's the second hour and Limbaugh is still droning on. Does Rush know how off-putting he is if you're not a blind conservative? And how well it plays to moderates, independents and even some liberals as far as setting McCain apart from those horrible Republicans?

So while it's hard to listen to Rush, much less the idiot callers (which, thankfully, he hasn't had yet today) I hope he keeps it up. If it's real and McCain wins, he will not be beholden to many conservatives, and certainly not to any of the big yappers. And if it's all a ploy to increase McCain's viability with the middle-left, then it's brilliant.

But as I was looking to wrap this up, Limbaugh went off again on McCain and amnesty saying that McCain would still sign McCain-Kennedy if he were President. That, of course ignores two very important facts:

1) If McCain-Kennedy had actually passed, you couldn't contain George Bush's delight at signing it, and…

B) If McCain were President, it would ever so slightly reduce the chance of seeing McCain-Kennedy II.

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3 Responses to Is Limbaugh Trying To Elect McCain?

  1. Yes, Bush would have signed the bill. Hell he's signed most every bad bill that has come accross his desk. Too bad that the other major party is made up of the worst self-centered special interest groups in America. Plus an assortment of commie-pinko-trators.
    I'm waiting for JoAnne to get home from work so that we can go vote together. I will be voting for Ron Paul.

  2. TedWest says:

    Hey Zak, you don't, by chance, get Barry Young down there, do you?
    Also, I just heard Jonah Goldberg, for whom I have much respect, on Glenn Beck. Beck had said that he couldn't bring himself to vote for McCain. Goldberg said that was fine… in the primaries, but that once he's lost the fight, it becomes a choice of McCain or letting the Democrats control 6000 federal appointments for eight years. Beck didn't seem as sure of hiimself after that.

  3. We waited nearly an hour in line to vote. They combined several precincts and there were not enough poll workers to check IDs and hand out ballots. I think that I'll vote by mail next time.
    I don't know who Barry Young is.

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